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Blackmagic Video Assist 5" 12G Blackmagic Video Assist 5" 12G
SKU: HYPERD/AVIDA12/5HDR / Mit dem neuen Blackmagic Assist 12G HDR lässt sich der Leistungsumfang einer jeden SDI- oder HDMI-Kamera um professionelles Monitoring und Aufzeichnen in allen HD-, Ultra-HD-, 2K- und 4K-DCI-Formaten erweitern
812,00 € *
Nettopreis: 700,00 €
TVLogic F-5A TVLogic F-5A 5.5" IPS On-Camera Monitor
The TVLogic F-5A is a compact and light-weight field production monitor with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, nice viewing angle and max luminance of 500nit. F-5A is equipped with a new image processing engine
922,20 € *
Nettopreis: 795,00 €
Atomos Shinobi SDI Atomos Shinobi SDI 3G-SDI & 4K HDMI Pro Monitor
SKU: ATOMSHBS01 / EAN: 814164021272 / Atomos Shinobi SDI is a lightweight HDR field monitor for the video professional who needs the flexibility of both HDMI and SDI camera connectivity, or the vlogger wanting to take their production to...
497,64 € *
Nettopreis: 429,00 €
Atomos SHINOBI HDR Photo Video Monitor Atomos SHINOBI HDR 4K HDMI Monitor
SKU: ATOMSHBH01 / EAN: 814164021265 / Atomos Shinobi, the first stand-alone small monitor, features all of our amazing screen processing technology and professional monitoring tools – now packed into a 5 inch ‘monitor only’ device
346,84 € *
Nettopreis: 299,00 €
smallHD FOCUS Bolt Sidekick RX smallHD FOCUS Bolt Sidekick RX with Built-in...
SKU: MON-FOCUS-BOLT-SIDEKICK-RX / smallHD FOCUS Bolt Sidekick RX is a 5-inch Daylight Viewable Touchscreen with Built-in Teradek Receiver. Lightweight monitor + handles with built-in 500ft HD wireless receiver
2.411,64 € *
Nettopreis: 2.079,00 €
CineMonitorHD6 SBL+ Evolution TransVideo CineMonitorUHD6 SBL+ Evolution
SKU: 917TS0164 / The CineMonitorUHD6 SBL+ Evolution is a 6 inch SuperBright on-board monitor with a complete tools package. It is rugged and fully sealed (no holes, no noisy fans), with precision machined aluminium housing
4.292,00 € *
Nettopreis: 3.700,00 €
TransVideo StarliteHD+ TransVideo StarliteHD+ 5” High-end...
SKU: 917TS0177-p / Transvideo StartliteHD+ built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and a luminance histogram, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards
1.450,00 € *
Nettopreis: 1.250,00 €
TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator TransVideo StarliteHD-m Metadator OLED...
SKU: 917TS0142 / EAN: 3700592604552 / Despite of its small form factor, the TransVideo StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox. This remarkable monitor provides the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement:
1.612,40 € *
Nettopreis: 1.390,00 €
TransVideo StarliteHD-m TransVideo StarliteHD-m full package (ARRI,...
SKU: 917TS0185 / EAN: 3700592605931 / TransVideo StarliteHD-m full package includes StarliteHD-m monitor and all the necessary cables for the most popular cameras
2.308,40 € *
Nettopreis: 1.990,00 €
SKU: MON-FOCUS-SDI / smallHD FOCUS SDI is a 5-inch Daylight Viewable monitor with Full-Size SDI input. SmallHD FOCUS SDI provides a compact, professional SDI monitoring option suitable for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras
614,80 € *
Nettopreis: 530,00 €
smallHD FOCUS Bolt TX smallHD FOCUS Bolt TX
SKU: MON-FOCUS-BOLT-TX / smallHD FOCUS Bolt TX is a 5-inch Daylight Viewable Touchscreen with Built-in Teradek Transmitter
1.670,40 € *
Nettopreis: 1.440,00 €
smallhd FOCUS Bolt RX smallHD FOCUS Bolt RX
SKU: MON-FOCUS-BOLT-RX / smallHD FOCUS Bolt RX is a 5-inch Daylight Viewable Touchscreen with Built-in Teradek Receiver
1.670,40 € *
Nettopreis: 1.440,00 €
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