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Armor Man Nucleus-M Support Cups TILTA Armor Man 2.0 Nucleus-M Support Cups
SKU: ARM-T02-SC-NM / The Armor Man 2.0 Nucleus-M Support Cups allow for an easy solution to attach and detach your gimbal to the Armor Man 2.0’s mechanical arms when using the Nucleus-M’s hand grips with your gimbal system
162,40 € *
Nettopreis: 140,00 €
Moza Air 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Moza Air 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
SKU: MCG01 / MOZA Air 2 three axes of pan, tilt and roll enable smooth filming from various angles and track tough to follow subjects. Mount the Z 6 to the handheld Gudsen MOZA Air 2 and begin your videography.
534,18 € *
Nettopreis: 460,50 €
Benro Red Dog R1 Benro RedDog R1 Mirrorless Handheld Gimbal...
Der Benro RedDog R1 ist ein reisefreundlicher 3-Achsen-Gimbal-Stabilisator mit einem einzigartigen Drehgriff, der für unterschiedliche Filmwinkel konzipiert wurde. Ideal für spiegellose Kameras, Smartphones und Action-Kameras bis 1,77 kg.
388,94 € *
Nettopreis: 335,29 €
DJI Osmo Pocket DJI Osmo Pocket
Wie hält man die schönsten Erinnerungen fest? Die beste Kamera ist jene, die man immer dabei hat. Der DJI Osmo Pocket verfügt über den kleinsten motorisiert stabilisierten Gimbal, den wir bei DJI jemals geschaffen haben.
323,64 € *
Nettopreis: 279,00 €
SKU: 950-00074 / FREEFLY MoVI Carbon is a world’s first handheld and drone mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer. Integrated into the body of the MoVI Carbon is a Panasonic GH5S camera with a Fujinon XK20-120mm Cabrio zoom lens
46.284,00 € *
Nettopreis: 39.900,00 €
MOZA Pro 3-Axis Gimbal MOZA Pro 3-Axis Gimbal
MOZA Pro professional stabilizer is designed for use on movie and television productions, music videos, and more.With a max payload of 10.0 kg, it has become the go-to optical photographic device for professional cinematographers and...
2.534,45 € *
Nettopreis: 2.184,87 €
Nebula 4300 & 5300 remote control Filmpower Nebula 4300 & 5300 remote control
Nebula 4300 & 5300 remote control has following features: with 5-axis Nebula 4300 & Most Powerful Combination / Control Sony and Canon DSLR & mirrorless cameras by Thumb
98,60 € *
Nettopreis: 85,00 €
Nebula Focus Filmpower Nebula Focus for Gyro Stabilizer &...
Nebula Focus designed for gyro stabilizer and solo shooters. Its Original standalone modeling control design making it more convenient for setup and use, also it provides two ways for setup: you can directly connect it with the hot shoe...
324,80 € * 468,64 € *
Nettopreis: 280,00 €
Freefly MoVI XL Reservation Freefly Movi XL Camera Stabilizer
SKU: 950-00071 / Freefly MoVI XL is a lightweight, portable system that allows users to capture stable imagery in the most demanding environments. / Full F/I/Z integration / Compatible with MIMIC, MoVI Controller / High performance GPS
ab 21.228,00 € *
Nettopreis: 18.300,00 €
FREEFLY MoVI Pro Gimbal Only FREEFLY MoVI Pro Gimbal Only
SKU: 950-00057 / MōVI Pro Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer. Freelfy MōVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created. It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use
5.220,00 € *
Nettopreis: 4.500,00 €
FREEFLY MIMIC with Handlebars FREEFLY MIMIC with Handlebars
SKU: 950-00062 / FREEFLY MIMIC offers precise and natural control of the MōVI Pro. Using Freefly’s innovative MIMIC technology, the camera automatically and intuitively follows users movements. MIMIC features a long range 2.4 GHz...
1.044,00 € *
Nettopreis: 900,00 €
Freefly Bush Pilot Freefly Bush Pilot
SKU: 910-00239 / Freefly Bush Pilot is a compact knob that quick releases to the MIMIC. It gives users the ability to control Focus, Iris, or Zoom on MōVI Pro. Users can quickly change between axis of control via the MIMIC screen.
313,20 € *
Nettopreis: 270,00 €
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