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Vocas MFC-3F follow focus Vocas MFC-3F follow focus with adjustable friction
SKU: 0500-0035 / Can you imagine a follow focus system that is 100% playless? The Vocas MFC-3F has no transmission between the focus knob and the drive gear, so we can guarantee a 100% playless follow focus! Read on to learn more about...
559,30 € *
Nettopreis: 470,00 €
vocas 0500-1335 Vocas MFC-3 Separate right hand rosette
SKU: 0500-1335 / Want to support the camera on both sides without purchasing another bracket for it? We have a rosette accessory for the right side of the MFC-3 15 mm bracket, which allows you to mount a handgrip on the same bracket.
101,15 € *
Nettopreis: 85,00 €
Vocas MFC-3 Palm support Vocas MFC-3 Palm support
Vocas MFC-3 Palm support for the MFC-3 and MFC-3F makes it possible to focus the lens and support the camera at the same time! You no longer have to worry about your camera shaking when you switch from supporting your camera to operating...
65,45 € *
Nettopreis: 55,00 €