SYRP Genie Motion Time Lapse Controller

syrp genie
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Syrp Genie Motion Time Lapse Controller The SYRP Genie is a simple, portable solution... mehr
Produktinformationen "SYRP Genie Motion Time Lapse Controller"

Syrp Genie

Motion Time Lapse Controller

The SYRP Genie is a simple, portable solution for motion control Time-lapse + Real-time video. Designed to be part of your regular camera kit, with no external wires, batteries or controllers there’s no need to ever go without the option of motion control again.


The key to the Genie lies in its compact size, easy-to-use menu and extreme versatility. Rather than limiting yourself to a fixed length rail system or slider, simply attach the Genie to your existing professional gear or DIY equipment for smooth Motion Control Time-lapse + Real-time video control. For all you need to know about the Genie, watch the overview above!


The Syrp Genie gives you the flexibility of using two axis in one device. Either Use the Genie on a tripod for panning motion or on a slider for tracking shots.


Rather than creating an integrated motion control system that requires a specific camera slider we designed the Genie to work with all types of existing sliders. With just one click you can add amazing production value to your films. Once attached, program the Genie to perform motion control time-lapse or perfectly smooth real-time video moves.


Imagine time-lapsing 100 metres between buildings in downtown New York or between mountain tops in the Himalayas. The Genie opens up endless possibilities for unlimited length time-lapse moves using its unique rope system. Build your own cable cam rig or attach the Genie to your old skateboard, dream up any shot you can imagine and add motion control with one click.

Genie includes

1 x Genie
1 x Panning Mount
1 x Linear Mount
1 x 3 m High Performance Rope
1 x International Wall Charger
2 x Slider Mounts
1 x Free link cable

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