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D|Focus Systems D|Gear D|Focus Systems D|Gear Follow Focus Gear Ring
Industry standard 32 pitch (0.8 mod,) will work with any other standard follow focus. Large pitch diameter for more accurate focusing. Your choice of three methods for quick, secure lens mounting (Screw & nut, rubber band, zip tie)
39,00 € * mit MwSt.
32,77 € ohne MwSt.

dfocus systems dzoom D|Focus Systems D|ZOOM
D|Zoom is a gear driven zoom lever allowing the operator to pull zoom from the side of the camera, similar to how a follow focus enables focus pulls from the side.
209,44 € * mit MwSt.
176,00 € ohne MwSt.

dfocus systems dfocus v4 D|Focus Systems D|Focus V4
The Follow Focus from D|Focus Systems - D|Focus V4 is the next evolution in the affordable follow focus design from D|Focus Systems.
224,91 € * mit MwSt.
189,00 € ohne MwSt.