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BPM Stativadapter-Platte VCT-14 Type für Broadcast Kamera

BPM Stativadapter-Platte für Broadcast Kameras

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Wooden Camera Unified VCT-14 Tripod Plate
Wooden Camera Unified VCT-14 Tripod Plate SKU: 223400 Unified VCT-14 Tripod Plate is Sony VCT-14 standard and features an all-metal construction making it very durable and solid. The receiver's foot is spring loaded to provide counter pressure on wedge plates which helps prevent wiggle. 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes on bottom for attaching to tripod plates. Works great with Unified VCT Wedge Plate.

275,00 €*
Brutto: 327,25 €
Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate
Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate SKU: Z-VCT-P The VCT Pro baseplate is compatible with all cameras including Canon EOS C-series, Sony FS5 and Sony FS7, AJA CION, BlackMagic, RED cameras, Arri Alexa and Amira, DSLRs, Mirrorless and more. The VCT Pro has a built-in, curved shoulder pad and an Arri M6 rosette for accessories and grips. Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate comes with quick-release, extendable 6.5” rods at the front, and lightweight spaced quick-release rod ports at the back. The v-wedge tripod connector is compatible with VCT14 tripod adapter plates or use the 1/4 20 and 3/8 16 screw holes for direct connect to your tripod quick release plate. The red sliding top plate offers easy adjust-ability for lens changes, removing your camera, and balancing your rig correctly on your shoulder. This sliding plate combined with a double screw track offers 10” of camera balance sliding range. The lightweight, adjustable rod mount is set far back in the plate, offering plenty of accessory-capable area under the camera lens. This allows you to position your camera further back on the plate, keeping the balance point of your rig directly over your shoulder. The sliding track of the rod riser offers 25mm of vertical adjustment. The shoulder pad portion of the VCT Universal is set as far forward on the plate as possible, also to maximize your accessory capable rod area and aid with balance. The VCT Universal Baseplate is the core of our Next Generation Recoil rigs, designed for balance and comfort for every camera. Keeping the camera low prevents already tall cameras from being too top heavy. With our VCT, the distance from the bottom of your camera to your shoulder is just 3/4 inch. VCT Pro Baseplate SPECIFICATIONS 14.25” x 4.25” x 2” (LxWxH) with 6.5” rods Two quick releasable 6.5” rods included Weighs 960 grams One Arri M6 rosette on right side of VCT Pro Two quick-release rod ports in the back Wide gel-polymer shoulder pad One ¼ 20 & ⅜ 16 removable screws includedLightweight adjustable rod mount Over 10” of camera balance sliding range Up to 25mm of vertical adjustment Unique sliding top plate to quickly adjust for lens changes or to release the camera from your rig Unique design creates more accessory rod capable area V-wedge style tripod connector or directly mount your tripod plate via ¼ 20 & ⅜ 16 screw holes¼ 20 screw holes along the side for accessory mounting options

640,00 €*
Brutto: 761,60 €
Zacuto VCT Tripod Plate
Zacuto VCT Tripod Plate SKU: Z-VCTTP The Zacuto VCT Tripod Plate adapts any standard tripod head into a VCT-14 style tripod. This tripod Plate will accept the VCT Universal Baseplate and allow for quick transitions between shoulder mounted and tripod shooting. Recommended for use with Zacuto Next Generation Recoil rigs.

300,00 €*
Brutto: 357,00 €
Wooden Camera Unified VCT Wedge Plate
Wooden Camera Unified VCT Wedge Plate SKU: 223300 Unified VCT Wedge Plate is a Sony VCT-14 standard device that interfaces with the bottom of all Unified Baseplates. The special reduced height ARRI dovetail shape allows each Unified camera rig to be quickly installed and balanced properly over your shoulder. Safety pin and stopper screws on the ends prevent accidental removal. Threaded M6 ARRI standard rosettes are found on each side and can be combined with the Rosette Standoffs and Rosette Arms for a quick, handheld configuration. Also present are 1/4-20 threaded holes and the ARRI standard accessory mounts (3/8-16 threaded hole with locating pins adjacent). At the rear of the wedge plate, a knob is present which can be tightened after installing onto the VCT-14 Tripod Plate to prevent any potential wiggle. A key slot is also present on the top center for times when you might need to attach the Wooden Camera Unified VCT Wedge Plate directly to the camera bottom using the included 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 low profile screws. Unified VCT Wedge Plate includes 2 x 1/4-20 Low Profile Screws2 x 3/8-16 Low Profile Screws

455,00 €*
Brutto: 541,45 €
Chrosziel 401-150 QuickLock Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock Tripod Plate (401-150) Chrosziel QuickLock Platte, Schnellverschluß-Stativplatte für Kameras mit V-Anschluß, 3/8" + 1/4" Gewinde. Ultra-leicht aus hochfestem Aluminium, geräuscharmer Verschluss-Mechanismus, spielfreie Fixierung der Kamera durch Zug und Druck

766,00 €*
Brutto: 911,54 €
SmallRig VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate 2169
SmallRig VCT-14 Schnellwechsel Stativplatte SKU: 2169 Die SmallRig VCT-14 Schnellwechsel-Stativplatte 2169 ist die Standard-VCT-14 von Sony, die es Ihnen ermöglicht, Ihren Camcorder mit Hilfe des Hebelauslösers schnell an einem Stativadapter anzubringen und wieder abzunehmen. Die Ganzmetallplatte bietet einen V-Keil-Adapter, der mit der Standard VCT-14 Schulterplatte übereinstimmt. Darüber hinaus verfügt die VCT-Stativplatte über mehrere 1/4"-20- und 3/8"-16-Gewinde an der Unterseite, um jede QR-Platte an einem Stativ zu befestigen. Sie funktioniert perfekt mit der SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Schulterplatte 2837. Abmessungen:280 x 80 x 26,5 mmNettogewicht:693gMaterial: Aluminiumlegierung/Edelstahl

145,00 €*
Brutto: 172,55 €
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