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Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment Aputure Fresnel 2X Attachment
Aputure's dual lens optical design makes the Fresnel 2X twice powerful as the original Aputure Fresnel, and makes the 120D II up to 14 times brighter, breathing new life into your lights
129,71 € * mit MwSt.
109,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure Fresnel Lens Mount for Light Storm Aputure Fresnel Lens Mount for Light Storm
SKU: FR-MOUNT / EAN: 6947214408830 / Aputure Fresnel Mount is the ultimate light-shaping tool offering versatility and intensity. The Fresnel Mount fits perfectly with Light Storm COB series, in addition to any Industrial standard mount...
71,40 € * mit MwSt.
60,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure Light Dome Mini II Aputure Light Dome Mini II
SKU: LIGHTDOMEMINIII / EAN: 6947214409561 / The Aputure Light Dome Mini II has a shallower design than the larger Light Dome,making it the ideal choice for creatives needing soft light in a more confined space,such as an office,small...
153,51 € * mit MwSt.
129,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure Light Dome II Aputure Light Dome II
SKU: LIGHTDOMEII / EAN: 6947214409554 / Aputure Light Dome II is a 16-sided modifier that offers quality of light options and wide compatibility with Aputure lights, as well as those that use the popular Bowens front accessory mount
249,90 € * mit MwSt.
210,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure LS C120D II Aputure LS C120D II Light Storm (V-Mount)
SKU: LSC120DII(V-MOUNT) / The Aputure LS C120D II is a complete re-design of the original C120D. We’ve taken all of your favorite features of the C120D and have jam packed it with upgrades, improvements and new features.
833,00 € * mit MwSt.
700,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure Amaran AL-MX Bicolor LED Mini Light Aputure Amaran AL-MX Bicolor LED Mini Light
Aputure Amaran AL-MX Filmmakers loved the original AL-M9 . But based off of the feedback we received from you, our users, we decided to make one that was even brighter and more versatile - the Aputure AL-MX . Designed with a metal build...
176,12 € * mit MwSt.
148,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure Light Storm C300d Aputure Light Storm C300d LED Light (V-Mount)
Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the Aputure LS C300d is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build, and a TLCI rating of over 96.
1.100,00 € * mit MwSt.
924,37 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure LS-mini 20 flight kit Aputure LS-mini 20 flight kit
Aputure LS-mini 20 flight kit includes: 2 x Aputure LS-mini20d, 1 x Aputure LS-mini20c, 3 x Light Stands, 1 x Stand Case
928,20 € * mit MwSt.
780,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure LS-mini 20c Aputure LS-mini 20c Bi-Color Led Video Light
The Light Storm LS-mini20 uses the Chip-On-Board design of the Aputure Light Storm series. It features a TLCI & CRI of 96+, which guarantees natural, pristine color in any application
309,40 € * mit MwSt.
260,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure LS-mini 20 Aputure LS-mini 20d Daylight Led Video Light
Aputure LS-mini 20d LED light is a COB design of Aputure Light Storm series. It features TLCI 97 and active fan cooling system with real time feedback of temperature circuit
297,50 € * mit MwSt.
250,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure VS-5X Aputure VS-5X 7" HD-SDI / HDMI field monitor
Aputure VS-5X is a 7" field monitor with both HD-SDI & HDMI inputs and outputs, 1920x1200 resolution, and a 160-degree viewing angle that makes it easy to monitor built-in functions such as waveform, vectorscope, RGB histogram, false...
642,60 € * mit MwSt.
540,00 € ohne MwSt.

Aputure HR672W Aputure HR 672 Amaran LED Flood / Spot Video...
Aputure HR 672 offers 3 options: Aputure HR672W Daylight Flood LED Light / Aputure HR672S Daylight Spot LED Light / Aputure HR672C Bi-Color Flood LED Light
308,21 € * mit MwSt.
259,00 € ohne MwSt.

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