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Zacuto Z-Finder 3" Adhesive Frame Z-FRM

Zacuto Z-Finder 3" Adhesive Frame


The Zacuto Z-Finder 3" Adhesive Frame is for use with our line of Z-Finder Viewfinders. It is compatible with all Z-Finders.

This is an alternate solution to the metal mounting systems if you are looking for something small and lightweight that does not need to be attached underneath your camera.

It is also a great, inexpensive way to use your Z-Finder on multiple cameras. This frame is compatible with most 3” LCD screens regardless of camera size. These cameras include but are not limited to the

  • Canon 5D M2 / 7D / T2i / 1D M4
  • Nikon D3s / D300 / D700
  • Sony A77 / A99

NOT compatible with

  • D800 / D4 / 1DX
  • 5D Mark III
  • Panasonic GH1 / GH2 / GF1 / G5
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