SLR Magic Anamorphot CINE Lens 2x 50mm T2.8 (MFT-Mount)

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SLR Magic Anamorphot CINE Lens 2x 50mm T2.8 (MFT-Mount) SKU: SLR-AC502XMFT The SLR Magic... mehr
Produktinformationen "SLR Magic Anamorphot CINE Lens 2x 50mm T2.8 (MFT-Mount)"

SLR Magic Anamorphot CINE Lens 2x 50mm T2.8 (MFT-Mount)


The SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT-CINE 50mm T2.8 is a 2x Anamorphic lens for Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount cameras. 50mm focal length, (100mm equivalent on 2x crop MFT Sensors) SLR Magic are known for their fast prime cine lenses and Anamorphic lens adapters, and have combined the two to create the new dedicated anamorphic lens series.

The 50mm 2x Anamorphot-CINE Lens delivers a complete, one piece, anamorphic lens with a maximum aperture of T2.8. The lens features geared focus and aperture rings, minimum focus distance of 1.1m, and 82mm front filter thread allows you to screw in filters, and dioptres to reduce the minimum focus distance. Please note that the front of the lens rotates as you focus, which may affect your choice of matte box. Included with the lens is a hard transport case.

SLR Magic CINE 502XMFT features

50mm T2.8 Lens for Four Thirds Sensors
2x Anamorphic Squeeze
3.5' Minimum Focus distance
Geared Focus and Iris Rings
82mm Front Filter Thread
Hard Case Included

Anamorphot CINE Lens 2x 50mm T2.8 specifications

Focus type: Manual
Focal length: 50mm
Maximum Aperture: T2.8
Suggested aperture setting: T4-5.6
Format: 2x Horizontal Squeeze Anamorphic lens
Mount: Micro Four Thirds (MFT)
Image Circle: S35 for 50mm T2.8
Front Filter Thread Size: 82mm
Lens Coating: Multicoated
Close Focus Distance: 1.1 m
Dimensions: 100mm diameter x 192.5mm length
Weight: 1360g

In the box

ANAMORPHOT-CINE 50mm T2.8 2x Anamorphic lens MFT
Lens Caps
Hard Transport Case

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