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SHAPE Sony FS7 Top Plate

SHAPE Sony FS7 Top Plate


The Top Plate is specially designed for the Sony FS7 and Sony FS7M2 cameras. It is thin and lightweight, but sturdy and durable, made of CNC aluminum. It is also designed with multiple 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes, giving you the possibility to attach many accessories.

The installation is very simple, you simply have to remove the screw holding the handle on the camera, and insert the top plate from the front side of the handle. The Top Plate cand be strongly secured with (4) 1/4-20 screws included with the package.

  • Fits Around the FS7M2 and FS7 top handle
  • Thin, lightweight, made of CNC aluminum
  • Designedd with multiple 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes
  • Non-Flush Design Protects Camera Body
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Wooden Camera Top Plate (FS7) für Sony PXW-FS7
Wooden Camera Top Plate (FS7) SKU: 193900 Sony PXW-FS7 Top Plate. Arrays of 1/4-20 holes in standard spacing and multiple 3/8-16 holes for large accessories. ARRI accessory mount also available in several places (3/8-16 screw hole with locating pins adjacent). Includes tape hook for accurate focus measuring. Original Sony handle can be reinstalled on the top plate by removing the cover plate and using the provided long screws. Communication between the handle and the Sony body is possible by using just the U shaped portion of the top plate. The Sony XDCA-FS7 (V-Mount/ProRes module) can also be attached to the rear of the camera without obstruction. Includes 4 x 1/4-20 x 1/2" screws (for attaching top plate directly to camera)4 x 1/4-20 x 7/8" screws (for attaching original handle and top plate to camera)1 x M2 Philips screw (for relocating the Sony cable clamp onto the side of the top plate) Specifications Weight 132 gDimensions 93.3 mm x 93.2 mm x 12.2 mm

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