Shape SONY FS5 remote extension handle

shape SONY FS5 remote extension handle
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Shape SONY FS5 remote extension handle SKU: FS5RH With the success of the  remote... mehr
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Shape SONY FS5 remote extension handle


With the success of the remote extension handle for the Sony FS7, Shape designed a similar solution adapted for the handle of the PXW-FS5. The handle is fixed with a SHAPE Standard ARRI rosette that you install on the camera. The handle is then secured with a ratchet knob screw on the rosette. The remote extension handle includes patented red push button technology that allows the handle a 360 degrees of rotation. The simplest way to adjust a handle! With a press of your thumb, you can adjust the angle of the handle; this will make your work easier. The length of the arm is 14cm (5 5/8”) and the adjustment length is 5 cm (2”). The Sony handle is fixed on the extension arm with the same mechanism used to install the handle on the camera.

Includes patent red push button with 360 degrees of rotation for several positioning options
Knob screw to adjust the arm length
Fixed on the camera with a SHAPE standard ARRI rosette (included with the extension arm) and a ratchet knob screw
The SONY handle is fixed on the extension arm with the same system as on the camera
Adjustment length up to 5 cm (2 inches)
Male-female extension LANC cable included
Easy to install and adjust, no tools required after the installation


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