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Schneider 4x5.65" Radiant Soft 4

Schneider 4x5.65" Radiant Soft

The Radiant Soft filters have the effect of toning down skin imperfections while having a limited effect on contrast or highlights. Planar particle selection is the key to avoiding the undesired result of a diffusion filter that assaults contrast and over-blooms highlights. An array of small, two-dimensional particles distributed within the surface of this filter smooths fine lines and textures.

Reduces the “digital edge” by softening the sharp edges of super sharp images. For capturing the subject's skin in a flattering result without any sacrifice to the overall image. Keep control over contrast and highlights without causing a blooming effect.


  • Tones down skin imperfections without changing the surroundings
  • Gives skin a soft glow
  • Low blooming effect on highlights
  • Limited effect on contrast
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