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TransVideo StarliteHD+ TransVideo StarliteHD+ 5” High-end...
SKU: 917TS0177 / Transvideo StartliteHD+ built-in tools include a high-resolution waveform monitor, a precise vectorscope and a luminance histogram, while an embedded recorder delivers dailies in H.264 on to SD cards
1.487,50 € * mit MwSt.
1.250,00 € ohne MwSt.

TransVideo StarliteHD-m TransVideo StarliteHD-m 5" Oled Monitor -...
TransVideo StarliteHD-m Despite of its small form factor, the TransVideo StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox. This remarkable monitor provides the necessary tools, whatever the job or the requirement: For the focus puller...
2.616,81 € * mit MwSt.
2.199,00 € ohne MwSt.