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PATONA Premium 18650 Cell Li-ion Battery unprotected 3,7V 3350mAh

PATONA Premium 18650 Li-ion Battery

PATONA Premium 18650 Li-ion Battery is compatible with Tilta Battery for gimbal Gravity Tilta and Nucleus M. Safety instructions:

Please use only chargers specified for 18650 Cells with 4.2V to charge the battery. Read the description of the 18650 charger and understand the charging method before usage.
The Battery is a unprotected Flat-Top version. You should always use a protection circuit board (PCB) to Keep battery from overcharged and over-discharged.
Lithium cells may only be operated with protective electronics and processed by qualified specialist personnel.
Do not short-circuit and deeply discharge the batteries

Technical Data

Appellation: 18650 Li-Ion
Type: INR18650F1L
Capacity: 3350mAh
Nominal voltage: 3,63V
Charge voltage: 4,2V ± 0.05V
Discharge voltage: 2.5V
Maximum current delivery: 4875mA
Maximum charge current: 1625mA
Protective circuit PCB: not available
Positive pole: flat (FlatTop)
Diameter: 18.29 ± 0.11mm
Height: ≤ 65.15mm
Weight: Max. 49.0g
Operating temperature: Charge 0-45°C, Discharge -20-50°C
Rechargeable: Yes
Charging cycles: 300
Charging method: CC-CV

In the box

6 x PATONA Premium 18650

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TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus System
TILTA Nucleus-M SKU: WLC-T03 The TILTA Nucleus-M is a revolutionary wireless follow focus system. Have full control of focus, iris, and zoom on Cine lenses or compatible "cine-moded" DSLR lenses. Ideal for 3-axis gimbals, shoulder mounts systems, and drone shoots. 1. The Nucleus-M is a wireless 3 Channel system. 2. Connections between the FIZ hand unit and the two hand grips to the motors are completely wireless. 3. Each motor has a built-in MDR unit, saving space and setup time. 4. A single motor can be powered directly from the camera’s battery though a 7-Pin to P-TAP cable then daisy chained via 7-Pin to 7-Pin cable to run additional motors. 5. There is no limit on the amount of motors an operator can attach per channel. 6. The FIZ hand unit and two handle grips have a wireless range of 1000 feet. 7. The signal from the FIZ hand unit can be upgraded to 1 1/4 miles with an additional accessory. 8. Both hand grips and FIZ hand unit run off (2) 18650 batteries. (Batteries are NOT included.) 9. When fully charged the batteries in the hand grips can last up to 2 days. 10. The batteries in the FIZ unit can last up to 10 hours. 11. FIZ hand unit is capable of controlling 3 channels – focus, zoom, and iris as well as overriding the hand grips. 12. 0.8 mod, 35-tooth, 32 pitch gear with a face width of 10mm 13. Motors can calibrate on lenses without hard stops – such as photo-lens with follow focus gears. 14. Motors fit standard 15mm and 19mm Rods 15. Ideal for Gimbal, Drone, and Shoulder-mounted setups Technical data Color: Gunmetal Grey Material: Aluminum-Alloy Stainless Steel ABS Plastic Rubber Brazilian Rosewood Weight: FIZ Hand Unit (with focus disk but no batteries): 0,44 kg FIZ Hand Unit (with focus disk and batteries): 0,53 kg Right Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0,26 kg Left Handle Grip (no batteries or adapters): 0,24 kg Arri Rosette Male to Handle Grip Adapter: 0,07 kg 25mm/30mm Gimbal to Handle Grip Adapter: 0,04 kg Motor (no rail adapter): 0,19 kg Motor with 15mm rail adapter: 0,22 kg Motor with 19mm rail adapter: 0,22 kg Motor Dimensions: Length/Height: 11,43 cm Width: 6,98 cm (motor plus rail adapter) Width: 6,68 cm (ports to tip of gear) Width: 8,25 cm (end to end furthest points) Depth: 1,60 cm (rail mount section) Depth: 1,90 cm (base section) Depth: 3,51 cm (motor section) In the box 1 x Wireless FIZ Hand Unit2 x Brushless Wireless Motors with 19mm Rod Support and 15mm Rod Bushings1 x Wireless Handle Left (Focus)1 x Wireless Handle Right (Iris, Zoom)4 x Follow Focus marking disks1 x 7-Pin to 740mm P-TAP Motor Power Cable1 x 296mm 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Connection Cable1 x 180mm 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Connection Cable1 x 18650 4 Slot Battery Charger2 x Handle to Arri Standard Rosette Adapter2 x Handle to Gimbal Bar Adapter (Compatible with 25mm/30mm Diameter)1 x Wireless FIZ Hand Unit Strap1 x Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case ACHTUNG! Im Lieferumfang sind KEINE Akkus enthalten. Für den Betrieb der Nucleus-M werden insgesamt 6 Akkus vom Typ 18650 mit erhöhtem Pluspol benötigt.

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Brutto: 1.689,80 €
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