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Core SWX PT-XF3 PowerTap Male auf Female und 4-Pin XLR Female für Sony PMW F3


The PT-XF3 is the necessary cabling for those wishing to use the Switronix EX-L96 with the Sony F3 camcorders. The cable has an XLR to plug into the F3, and utilizes the powertap port on the EX-L96, while also including an additional female powertap port so you're not sacrificing the power output. 8" long.

V-Mount Akkus - 3-Stud Akkus - PowerBase70 - PocketBase - GoPro Power Solution - Akkuadapterplatten - Stromkabel - Power Distribution - Wireless Transmission

Core SWX ist der Weltmarktführer für Akkus und professionelle Stromlösungen für digitale Kameras und PRO Video und PRO Audio Produkte

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Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi
Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi Male PowerTap to 4 Female PowerTap receptacles. Expands any Gold Mount PowerTap to accommodate up to four separate devices. Anton Bauer PowerTap Multi is perfect for powering multiple wireless receivers, on-board monitors as well as an Ultralight from a single camera battery (10 amp max total).

77,00 €*
Brutto: 91,63 €
Core SWX PT-C3MK2 Powertap Cable to Lemo C300 MK2
Core SWX PT-C3MK2 D-Tap to LEMO Power Cable for C300 Mark II. Technical data Input DC 11-28vOutput: DC 9.2V, 2ALength 60.96 cm

110,00 €*
Brutto: 130,90 €
Core SWX D-Tap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF
Core SWX Powertap Breakout Adapter PTM-3PTF The PTM-3PTF is a powertap breakout cable tripling the number of female powertap outputs available from any battery mount plate.  It is perfect for powering multple accessories and can handle up to 10A.

60,00 €*
Brutto: 71,40 €
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