Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly

Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly
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Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly The  Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly is a heavy duty dolly... mehr
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Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly

The Benro DL-10 Heavy Duty Dolly is a heavy duty dolly designed to be paired with the AS14 jib tripod and is able to handle a max payload of 300 kg (660 lb). All metal parts are CNC machined and anodized and comes with 5 inch super silent medical wheels. Your foot can operate the wheel locks and they lock both wheel rotation and roll.

The Benro DL10 is compatible with twin spiked feet and the universal pull buckle secures the tripod foot to the dolly. The dolly folds up to 23 inches for easy storage and includes a carry handle. The diameter of the dolly is 43.3 inches when in use. The DL10 dolly is compatible with the following Benro tripod models: AS14 and BV10.

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