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smallHD DCA5 LEMO to D-Tap Kit smallHD DCA5 LEMO to D-Tap Kit
SKU: PWR-ADP-DCA5-LEMO-DTAP-KIT / DCA5 LEMO Adapter for 500 and 700 Series utilizes LEMO power solutions to power your monitor. Fits all 500 and 700 Series field monitors. Mounts into 1 of the monitors LP-E6 battery mounts
332,01 € * mit MwSt.
279,00 € ohne MwSt.

smallHD DCA5 Barrel to AC Power Kit smallHD DCA5 Barrel to AC Power Kit
SKU: PWR-ADP-DCA5-AC-POWER-KIT / Power your 500 or 700 Series monitor through AC power sources. This setup is ideal for indoor/studio shooting environments.
165,41 € * mit MwSt.
139,00 € ohne MwSt.

smallHD DCA5 smallHD DCA5 Kit Canon LP-E6 auf D-Tap Adapter
Wide Voltage DC Power Adapter with D-Tap to Barrel Power Cable for SmallHD 500 or smallHD 700 series monitor via an external source. Uses system power, requiring less battery changes during a shoot
172,55 € * mit MwSt.
145,00 € ohne MwSt.