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PATONA Dual V-Mount charger PATONA Dual V-Mount Ladegerät (4-Pin XLR Kabel)
Mit dem PATONA Dual V-Mount Ladegerät f. Sony lassen sich zwei Akkus schnell, zeitgleich und voneinander unabhängig aufladen. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob die beiden Akkus die gleiche Kapazität haben.
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Nettopreis: 149,00 €
Hawk-Woods RP-MX4 4-Channel 2A Reel-Power Li-Ion Charger Hawk-Woods RP-MX4 4-Channel 2A Reel-Power...
SKU: RP-MX4 / Das neueste 4-Kanal Reel Power Simultanladegerät von Hawk-Woods bietet einen eleganteren und kompakteren Look als das Vorgängermodell. Die Simultan-Lade-Funktion bleibt erhalten, so dass Sie alle vier Akkus auf einmal laden...
654,50 € *
Nettopreis: 550,00 €
NEO-9S-FLEET-Q4S Core SWX 4x NEO-9S Charger Kit
SKU: NEO-9S-FLEET-Q4S / Core SWX 4x NEO-9S Charger Kit consists of 4x NEO-9S V-Mount Battery & 1 x Charger Kit
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BlueShape PWS2 28V 2x V-lock battery Power Station BlueShape PWS2 28V 2x V-lock battery Power Station
The BLUESHAPE power station concept is a convenient system to integrate the power of multiple V-lock batteries into a unique source that can be tapped anywhere anytime in a simultaneous dual voltage output.
927,01 € *
Nettopreis: 779,00 €
Hawk-Woods VL-MX8 Hawk-Woods VL-MX8 8-Channel Mini V-Lok Charger
SKU: VL-MX8 / Hawk-Woods VL-MX8 latest 8-channel V-Lok semi-sequential charger simultaneously charges four batteries at any one time, which then moves onto the other four channels
862,75 € *
Nettopreis: 725,00 €
Hawk Woods ATOM 4-Channel Fast Charger Hawk-Woods VL-ATM4 V-Lok ATOM 4-Channel Fast...
SKU: VL-ATM4 / The perfectly compact Hawk-Woods ATOM charger surpasses its predecessor with its sleek robust design and lightweight properties whilst still maintaining the original specifications and 60w power supply.
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Nettopreis: 499,00 €
SKU: FLEET-Q4US / The Fleet Quantum series are the next generation of smart chargers. The chargers offer a highly efficient “2x2” simultaneous charge. When four packs are placed on the charger, the charger detects which two packs have...
1.023,40 € *
Nettopreis: 860,00 €
Core SWX FLEET-Q4FF Core SWX FLEET-Q4FF 4-Position Simultaneous...
SKU: FLEET-Q4FF / The Core SWX Fleet FF charger is a four position, simultaneous charger specifically designed for Movi Pro battery packs by FreeFly Systems. The charger provides the ability to charge 4 of the battery packs in...
595,00 € *
Nettopreis: 500,00 €
Core SWX FLEET-D2S Core SWX FLEET-D2S V-Mount 2-Bay Fast...
The Core SWX Fleet D charger is a two position, simultaneous charger ideal for ENG, and mobile production. Built upon the foundation of the Fleet Q, four position charger, the super compact design allows it to fit in almost any...
595,00 € *
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Core SWX FLEET-DM2S Core SWX FLEET-DM2S Fleet Micro 3A V-Mount...
The Core SWX Fleet Micro series includes a 90w DC 4-pin XLR power supply to power most cameras. In addition to the on-board power supply, the charger doubles as a battery bank when in “Hypercine” power supply mode(unregulated 12v-16.8v DC)
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Core SWX FLEET-QM4S Fleet Micro Core SWX FLEET-QM4S Fleet Micro 3A Digital Quad...
The Fleet Micro series is also the most cross-compatible, able to address not only Core SWX battery packs but those offered by RED, Anton/Bauer, and many more. With this additional charge compatibility, it provides piece of mind that...
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HedBox RP-DC100V Dual Battery Charger HedBox RP-DC100V Dual Simulatius UPS Battery...
Professional Dual Simulatius UPS Battery Charger. This intelligent charger for Digital Camera and Camcorder Batteries was designed with advanced power charging technology, allowing you to charge your Professional Batteries at Studio...
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