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Shape Sony FX6 V-Mount pivoting battery plate

Shape Sony FX6 V-Mount pivoting battery plate


The SHAPE V-Mount pivoting battery plate for Sony FX6 attaches to the rear of the top plate (FX6TP) and supports a V-mount battery while leaving access to the camera’s standard battery compartment. Our V-mount battery plate provides the right battery voltage and amperage to use with your Sony FX6 camera. By pivoting the battery plate, you have access to the BPU battery of the camera. A swivel system let you pivot the battery plate up and down. It features 1 D-Tap port for powering accessories. It also uses a digital fuse that monitors the D-Tap ports and disables them if they exceed the set current for accessories while leaving the camera running.

It connects to the camera using the SHAPE 19.5V output D-Tap power cable for Sony FX6. The cable regulates the voltage from a D-Tap source to the proper 19.5 V required to power an FX6 camera. This allows you to power your camera using any V-mount battery with a D-Tap plug. The cable has a total end-to-end length of 15″ (38 cm). A universal cheeseplate with 1/4″-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes. The cheeseplate can tilt up and down with a patented 15 mm Push-button system to provide easy access to the rear connector and have access to the BPU battery.


  • V-Mount pivoting battery plate compatible with Sony FX6 top plate (FX6TP) only
  • Push-button system lets you tilt the battery plate up and down
  • Easy access to the rear connector
  • (Please refer to the camera’s operating manual for proper usage)
  • Attaches to the Rear of the Sony FX6 top plate (FX6TP)
  • Supports V-Mount Battery
  • (1) D-Tap Ports & Protective Digital Fuse
  • (1) D-Tap Power Cable for Sony FX6 provide 19.5V power output
  • Multiple holes on top and side of the cheeseplate
  • Made of CNC Aluminum
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