Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit

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Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit Vibesta Peragos 60 C Pixel is a 2′ weatherproof pixel... więcej
Informacje o produkcie "Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit"

Peragos Tube 60C PIXEL - 4 Light Kit

Vibesta Peragos 60 C Pixel is a 2′ weatherproof pixel animated LED tube, so you can use it in a variety of weather conditions. It has 16 Pixels, a 40W of power and color temperature range of 2800K to 13000K and TLCI of 93±1 and a CRI of 96±2 throughout the full adjustment range. The Peragos 60C Pixel Tube features a 220° tube lens to help create a soft, wide beam spread.

Pixel Set

Pixel animations can spread across one tube but also across a Pixel Set of multiple tubes for complex setups.

Brighter Than You Expect

With 40W power for the Peragos Tube 60C Pixel, you have significant brightness at your hands with full-color tunability. Continuous Boost Mode enables you to boost the brightness to 40W without a time limit and without negative effects for the fixture. The tube light uses custom algorithms to mix the light from several LEDs with various colors. Each individual light is calibrated so that there is virtually no tolerance from fixture to fixture. With a system called Source Match, you are able to match any light source. You just need to enter the x/y coordinates you measured from another light and your fixture will be an exact match.

Other Features

The light has various operating modes including CCT, Filter Mode, HSI Mode, x/y Coordinate, RGB Mode, and Effects. The Gel library consists of more than 300 widely used filters.

RTX Control App

With the RTX control App, you don’t need to be an engineer to create complex lighting setups. Change the way you work with lights, create complex lighting setups with a simple to use interface, and bring your lighting ideas to life easily.

Extendable Controller & Battery

The tube uses an exchangeable Smart Li-Ion battery that is claimed to be able to power the fixtures for up to 20 hours. The 4 battery charger allows you to recharge multiple units at once and even from within their case. When the AC adapter is connected to the controller and the Smart Li-Ion battery pack is attached it automatically charges during operation.


With a variety of mounting points and specialized accessories for certain setups, you can mount the Peragos Tube in any way you can imagine.

Vibesta Peragos 60C 4-Light Kit includes

4xLB-60C Turbo Peragos Tube Light Body;
4xPTPC Peragos Tube PIXEL Controller;
4xSCPT Side Cap With 1/4" For Peragos Tube/Wand;
4xNanocore RBPT Rail Mount Base With 1/4"-20 Female Thread And 3/8"-16 ARRI Accessory Mount;
4xNomis SDR 1/4" Screw With D Ring;
1xNomis AD18-1 AC Adapter DC18V 3.75A DC2.5 Jack with Lock W/O Power Cable;
1xPower Cable IEC C13 Angled 3M;
1x4CBC-1 4 Channel Charger For SLB-1 Li-ion Battery;
1xNanocore PCC25 Extension Power Cable Coiled DC2.5 Jack Female To Male With Lock 2.5M;
1xToughTec PTC-3 Carrying Case;
4xSLB-1 Li-ion Battery.

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