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Hawk-Woods PC-8

PLN 295.57*
net: PLN 240.30
Hawk-Woods Gripper 75W battery GR-75

PLN 1,078.28*
net: PLN 876.65
Hawk-Woods LA-100 6-pin Lemo to XLR Cable

PLN 558.30*
net: PLN 453.90
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods BL-2X2 2-Channel B-Lok charger

PLN 1,806.26*
net: PLN 1,468.50
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods BL-350 B-Lok 350Wh Battery

PLN 3,721.98*
net: PLN 3,026.00
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods BL-150 B-Lok 150Wh Battery

PLN 2,682.02*
net: PLN 2,180.50
Hawk Woods Gripper P-Tap Adapter GC-4

PLN 355.78*
net: PLN 289.25
Hawk-Woods Gripper 100W Battery GR-100

PLN 1,204.17*
net: PLN 979.00
Hawk-Woods Gripper Fast Charger GR-1C

PLN 426.93*
net: PLN 347.10
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods VL-P90 15V 90W PSU V-Lok Camera Adapter

PLN 1,636.58*
net: PLN 1,330.55
Hawk-Woods VLM-SD1 SmallHD 503 / 703 Mini-VL monitor fitting

PLN 585.66*
net: PLN 476.15
Hawk-Woods LR-14 DC Cord Power-con - Panasonic Lumix S1

PLN 470.72*
net: PLN 382.70
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods RP-M180 26V 180Wh Mini Reel-Power Battery Pack

PLN 2,463.08*
net: PLN 2,002.50
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods MXB-880 Mini X-Boxx Battery & Charger

PLN 12,589.05*
net: PLN 10,235.00
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods BL-98 B-Lok 98Wh Battery

PLN 2,244.14*
net: PLN 1,824.50
Hawk-Woods LR-16 Sony A7S Dummy Cable

PLN 519.98*
net: PLN 422.75
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods RP-A2 24v RS Power Adaptor - 3x RS Fischer Outputs

PLN 1,204.17*
net: PLN 979.00
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods RP-MX4 4-Channel 2A Reel-Power Li-Ion Charger

PLN 2,846.22*
net: PLN 2,314.00
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods VLM-HS1 Arri Mini-VL 15mm hot-swap adaptor XLR

PLN 2,463.08*
net: PLN 2,002.50
Free shipping
Hawk-Woods VL-MX8 8-Channel Mini V-Lok Charger

PLN 3,995.66*
net: PLN 3,248.50
Hawk-Woods PC-16R Arri Alexa Mini/Amira Power Cable

PLN 711.56*
net: PLN 578.50
Hawk-Woods LR-08 D-Tap - NPF dummy 8.4v

PLN 470.72*
net: PLN 382.70
Hawk-Woods PC-10 Power-Con 2-pin cable

PLN 218.94*
net: PLN 178.00
Hawk-Woods LA-64 Power-Con (D-Tap) - Lemo 2-Pin

PLN 273.68*
net: PLN 222.50
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