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Wooden Camera Right Side Plate (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven)

Wooden Camera Right Side Plate (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven)

SKU: 227800

Wooden Camera Right Side Plate (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven) is a side mounting plate for RED Weapon, Scarlet-W, and Raven. Attaches directly to the side of the camera via four captured M3 screws. 1/4-20 holes in RED standard spacing and ARRI accessory mount in two places. M6 threaded ARRI rosette also available for handles like Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right).

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Products from american producer Wooden Camera that offers useful solution for your video-audio equipment. The range of product concenrs


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Accessory Items

Wooden Camera Rosette Side Plate (URSA Mini, URSA Mini Pro)
Wooden Camera Rosette Side Plate (URSA Mini, URSA Mini Pro) SKU: 229600 Rosette Side Plate (URSA Mini) attaches to the right side of the Blackmagic URSA Mini Camera by the ARRI rosette to add additional 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points. An ARRI standard rosette is available for attaching the handgrip or extension arm. ARRI accessory mount also available in several places (3/8-16 screw hole with locating pins adjacent).

PLN 864.81*
net: PLN 703.10

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Wooden Camera WiFi Plate for RED DSMC2
Wooden Camera WiFi Side Plate (RED DSMC2) SKU: 228800 WiFi Side Plate (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven) provides an external WiFi antenna mount for the RED DSMC2 cameras and increases the signal range when using apps like FoolControl. This product is not a signal repeater but replaces the internal antenna altogether. The WiFi Side Plate attaches in place of the decorative right side panel and does not interfere with RED products like the Sidekick, DSMC2 Side Handle, or the cover plate that is included with camera. The Wooden Camera Right Side Plate and many third party products can still be attached like normal as well. This product works great in conjunction with the V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit and the Smartphone Clamp which allows you to mount your FoolControl device to the camera body or to a Magic Arm for easy viewing.

PLN 2,025.20*
net: PLN 1,646.50
Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right)
Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right) SKU: 219300 Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right) is an ergonomic wooden handgrip, carved from a solid piece of Sapele wood which is similar to Mahogany. Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right) attaches by ARRI standard rosette and M6 threaded thumbscrew. It is possible to add start/stop trigger by purchasing the Trigger Box. Left hand version is also available! For attaching directly to rods, consider the 15mm Rod Clamp to ARRI Rosette and 19mm Rod Clamp to ARRI Rosette. Other useful items include the Rosette Arm and Rosette Arm (Short) which position the handgrip further out in front of you and the Rosette Spacer Standoff (Small) and (Large) for spacing grips off the camera body. Weight 272.1 gDimensions 76.2 mm x 101.6 mm x 127 mm

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net: PLN 823.25
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