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Vinten mid-level spreader flowtech 75

Vinten mid-level spreader flowtech 75

SKU: V4151-1001

Mid-level spreader for the Vinten flowtech 75 and 75 mm Pozi-Loc tripod. Very small footprint in narrow spaces or very stable setup in uneven terrain; Fast and simple setup.

  • Range: flowtech
  • Spreader type: Mid-Level spreader
  • Maximum Spreader Radius: 250 mm
  • Weight: 340 g
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Sachtler flowtech 75 GS
Sachtler flowtech 75 GS SKU: 4587 Sachtler flowtech 75 aktiv Carbon Fibre Tripod with Ground Spreader and Rubber Feet Work faster whatever the conditions with the Sachtler flowtech75 aktiv Carbon Fibre tripod; optimised for enhanced performance and speed with the advanced Sachtler aktiv fluid head. The unique flowtech design allows you to deploy and adjust in the time it takes to release a single catch. When speed is critical or time is of the essence, instant setting up and packing lets you focus on the things that matter. The carbon fibre design you won’t tire yourself carrying it around either. Setting up fast is only part of the equation. The Sachtler flowtech75 aktiv gives you the versatility and stability you need to get the job done fast and efficiently. A hinge lock gives you a height range of 26 – 158 cm allowing you to shoot from any angle while high torsional stability means you pan with complete confidence that the legs won’t twist. Easy to use and built to endure the toughest environments, this tripod won’t let you down. Technical data Range: flowtechPayload: 0 to 20 kgBowl size: 75 mmSpreader type: Ground spreaderMaterial: Carbon FibreTransport length: 690 mmTripod stages: 2Weight: 3.80 kgHeight Range without spreader: 0.26 to 1.53 mHeight With Ground Spreader: 0.41 to 1.58 mWeight without spreader: 2.90 kg In the box 1 x flowtech75 aktiv 1 x ground spreader flowtech with rubber feet S2058-00011 x carry handle flowtech S2051-10611 x flowtech attachment mount S2051-1900

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