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Sound Devices SL-2

Sound Devices SL-2

Streamline your bag with the SL-2 Dual SuperSlot Wireless Module. This two slot-in wireless receiver integration system easily mounts to the top panel of any 8-Series mixer-recorder. UniSlot and SuperSlot wireless receivers from a variety of manufacturers are accepted, including Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and Sennheiser. The SuperSlot protocol supports up to four channels of wireless audio per slot.

An 8-Series mixer-recorder supplies power to the Sound Devices SL-2 and slotted-in receivers – no external DC connector needed. Analog or digital audio is sent from the receivers into the mixer-recorder via the expansion port, reducing messy cabling for power and audio connectivity. The SL-2 offers antenna distribution to slot-in receivers, spreading out the placement of antennas for better RF performance. The rear panel of the SL-2 is equipped with two TA3 connectors for an additional four inputs of AES3 audio and two 4-pin Hirose DC Outputs, each supplying up to 500 mA for powering additional equipment.


Compatible with the 833, 888, and the Scorpio.
Supports up to 8 channels of audio.
Accepts two UniSlot or SuperSlot wireless receivers from Audio Ltd, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, and Wisycom.
Built-in antenna distribution with antenna powering for active antennas or boosters.
Supports remote control of third party smart antennas.
Two auxiliary MCX antenna ports for connecting other receivers or RF distribution.
Two TA3 AES3 inputs for 4 channels of digital audio.
Two DC Outputs via Hirose 4-pin connectors, each supplying up to 500 mA.
Powers via an 8-Series mixer-recorder.
Accepts either analog or digital audio from slot-in receivers.
Ability to set and monitor multiple functions of a SuperSlot-compatible receiver from the 8-Series mixer-recorder.
RF Scan with visual representation of the RF spectrum.
Monitor transmitter battery, receiver audio, and RF levels.
Rugged, lightweight, and compact design.
Mounts to the top of any 8-Series mixer-recorder.
Same width as the 833.

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Sound Devices 833 The Sound Devices 833 is the professional’s tool for mobile and small productions. Like the popular Sound Devices 633, the 833 is small, lightweight, and compact. A tactile interface with dedicated faders, trim knobs, and PFL switches makes this mixer-recorder ideal for run-and-gun bag use. The 833 has 6 mic/line preamplifiers, 8 channels, 12 tracks, 6 analog outputs, and ultra-accurate timecode. Many features have carried over from the premium Sound Devices’ Scorpio, such as Sound Devices’ new preamplifier design, 2 SD card slots, dual L-Mount battery charging and powering, and an internal 256 GB SSD. Optional 6 ultra low-noise, 8-Series microphone preamplifiers8 channels, 6 buses, 12 tracks6 analog outputsUltra-accurate timecode256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slotsUSB-A and C ports for SD-Remote app, linear fader control via MCU, keyboard, and file transferDugan Automixing/MixAssist for up to 8 channelsOptional NoiseAssist and CEDAR sdnx noise suppression pluginsOptional +4 Plugin adds four fully-featured channels

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