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Genustech ScriptShade Matte Box Ultimate Kit

PLN 4,652.48*
net: PLN 3,782.50
Free shipping
Genustech ScriptShade MatteBox - Teleprompter for DSLR Cameras

PLN 4,159.86*
net: PLN 3,382.00
Free shipping
Genustech ScriptShade Teleprompter - Mattebox Kit (GI-SSKIT)

PLN 3,420.94*
net: PLN 2,781.25
Genus Side Flag for Matte Box

PLN 957.86*
net: PLN 778.75
Genus Lens adaptor ring GAR46
Lens Adaptor ring: 46mm

PLN 246.31*
net: PLN 200.25
Free shipping
Genus Exceptional Base Plate Gen X Plate
Exceptional Base Plate: Gen X Plate (1 x Rod Bracket)

PLN 1,198.70*
net: PLN 974.55
Genus Polarizer ND Variable Filter 77mm

PLN 1,039.97*
net: PLN 845.50
Genus Lens adaptor ring GAR37
Lens Adaptor ring: 37mm

PLN 246.31*
net: PLN 200.25
Genus Lens adaptor ring GAR77
Lens Adaptor ring: 77mm

PLN 246.31*
net: PLN 200.25
Genus Support Bars 300mm GMB-300

PLN 301.04*
net: PLN 244.75
Genus Hood for ND Fader filter system GNDF67HOOD
Hood: 67mm

PLN 82.10*
net: PLN 66.75
Genus 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 350mm

PLN 301.04*
net: PLN 244.75
Genus 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 250mm

PLN 268.20*
net: PLN 218.05
Genus 82mm Filter Step Up Ring G-SUR/52/82
Genus Step Up Ring 82mm: G-SUR/52/82

PLN 65.68*
net: PLN 53.40
Genus 82mm Filter Step Up Ring G-SUR/62/82
Genus Step Up Ring 82mm: G-SUR/62/82

PLN 65.68*
net: PLN 53.40
Genus Support Bar 200mm pair - 15mm rods GMB-200

PLN 191.57*
net: PLN 155.75
Free shipping
Genus Matte Box Basic Kit GWMC-KIT

PLN 2,709.38*
net: PLN 2,202.75
Free shipping
Genus UV Protector Filter 105mm

PLN 925.02*
net: PLN 752.05
Genus Mini Jib with Case G-MINIJIB

PLN 1,642.05*
net: PLN 1,335.00
Genus Polarizer ND Variable Filter 82mm

PLN 1,094.70*
net: PLN 890.00
Genus Universal Bravo Follow Focus

PLN 2,599.91*
net: PLN 2,113.75
Genus Lens adaptor ring GAR52
Lens Adaptor ring: 52mm

PLN 246.31*
net: PLN 200.25
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