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PATONA Premium BP-95WS 95Wh Battery V-Mount

PLN 711.56*
net: PLN 578.50
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PATONA Platinum Powerstation Autarc 5000

PLN 19,310.51*
net: PLN 15,699.60
PATONA Premium BN-VC296G for JVC GY-HC500 / GY-HC550

PLN 1,050.91*
net: PLN 854.40
patona BP-U60 Battery Pack 75Wh

PLN 492.62*
net: PLN 400.50
PATONA Platinum Battery 216Wh V-Mount

PLN 1,308.17*
net: PLN 1,063.55

PLN 164.21*
net: PLN 133.50
PATONA Platinum NANO V145 V-Mount Battery

PLN 1,253.43*
net: PLN 1,019.05
PATONA Premium PD100W Multifunctional D-Tap to USB-C Adapter

PLN 410.51*
net: PLN 333.75
PATONA 4 position V-Mount charger

PLN 2,134.67*
net: PLN 1,735.50
PATONA Platinum Battery 288Wh V-Mount

PLN 1,373.85*
net: PLN 1,116.95
PATONA Platinum NANO V95 V-Mount Battery

PLN 1,034.49*
net: PLN 841.05
PATONA Platinum NANO V50 V-Mount Battery

PLN 804.60*
net: PLN 654.15
PATONA PREMIUM NP-F970 L Serie Battery Pack

PLN 165.30*
net: PLN 134.39
PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack

PLN 218.94*
net: PLN 178.00
PATONA Dual V-Mount Charger (4-Pin XLR cable)

PLN 875.76*
net: PLN 712.00
PATONA Premium BP-190WS 190Wh V-Mount battery pack

PLN 1,039.97*
net: PLN 845.50
PATONA Premium 18650 Cell Li-ion Battery unprotected 3,7V 3350mAh

PLN 268.20*
net: PLN 218.05
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