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LIBEC DL-10RB Dolly for Libec, Sachtler, Vinten Tripods

PLN 6,020.85*
net: PLN 4,895.00
Free shipping

PLN 54,187.65*
net: PLN 44,055.00
Libec TH-650EX video tripod with fluid head

PLN 1,029.02*
net: PLN 836.60
Free shipping
LIBEC H35 (payload 8kg)

PLN 4,980.89*
net: PLN 4,049.50
Free shipping
LIBEC H45 (payload 12kg)

PLN 6,568.20*
net: PLN 5,340.00
LIBEC TH-VH 75mm video head

PLN 1,067.33*
net: PLN 867.75
Libec TH-V tripod system

PLN 2,266.03*
net: PLN 1,842.30
Free shipping
Libec LX7 M System with mid-level spreader

PLN 2,846.22*
net: PLN 2,314.00
LIBEC ZC-LP Zoom control for LANC and Panasonic cameras

PLN 470.72*
net: PLN 382.70
Free shipping
LIBEC HS-450 tripod system with floor spreader (payload 12kg)

PLN 10,125.98*
net: PLN 8,232.50
Free shipping
LIBEC LX-ePed Electric pedestal with Floor Spreader

PLN 18,336.23*
net: PLN 14,907.50
Free shipping
LIBEC LX-ePed Studio Electric pedestal with Dolly

PLN 18,883.58*
net: PLN 15,352.50
Libec ZFC-L Zoom & focus control for LANC video cameras

PLN 558.30*
net: PLN 453.90
Free shipping
LIBEC QD-30PD Pedestal System (QH3 Head, P1000 Pedestal Column)

PLN 81,555.15*
net: PLN 66,305.00
Free shipping
LIBEC HS-150C Tripod Set (H15 Head, Ground Spreader, Case)

PLN 5,194.35*
net: PLN 4,223.05
Free shipping
Libec HS-150MC Tripod Set (H15 Head, Mid-Level Spreader, Rubber Feet, Case)

PLN 5,194.35*
net: PLN 4,223.05
Free shipping
LIBEC VM-12V V-Mount Power supply adapter for LX-ePed

PLN 1,778.89*
net: PLN 1,446.25
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