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Schneider 4x5.65" CFG Classic ND 2.1

Schneider CFG Classic ND 4x5.65

Schneider CFG Classic ND 4x5.65 is a line of 8 multi-coated grey neutral density (ND) filters. Control the amount of light hitting the sensor without any color shift, independent from aperture or shutter. Classic ND filters offer highest possible color accuracy, which allows filter stacking and minimizes your color grading time.


  • Replaces "Neutral Density" Filters
  • Coated 380-780 nm (visibe light to near-infrared spectrum)
  • No tint, for easy color grading and filter stacking
  • Multi-resistant, anti-reflection coating (BBAR)
  • Black edge sealing to reduce straylight
  • Available in 8 stops from 0.3 - 2.1 and 3.0
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