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RigWheels Drum Stick 15mm Wheel Axle

RigWheels Drum Stick 15mm Wheel Axle


8″ long
1/4″ hole in the center

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Accessory Items

RigWheels RigAxle RA01
RigWheels RigAxle SKU: RA01 RigAxles are designed to be used in conjunction with RigPlate. They allow for several different additional configurations that provide you with even more options for getting smooth camera movement with the RigWheels system.RigAxles with custom inline wheels attached to the ends turn the RigPlate into a more robust tabletop dolly with a larger footprint. This is an ideal solution for larger camera setups. You can also pivot the RigAxles to get curved dolly moves.A single RigAxle can be used in conjunction with RigPlate and RigWheels to add a bottom bar to make a captive rail pipe slider. RigAxles and RigPlate are used together to in RailDolly configuration.

PLN 235.36*
net: PLN 191.35

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RigWheels Wheel Axle Kit
RigWheels Wheel Axle Kit This is a multipurpose wheel/axle kit. If you’re building a DIY skater or table top dolly getting the axles right is one of the most difficult parts of the project. This is a set of 2 axles with custom inline wheels. The axles are 15mm in diameter so you can use them with 15mm rod support gear. The center hole is for a 1/4″ mounting bolt.

PLN 328.41*
net: PLN 267.00
RigWheels Inline Wheel IW01
RigWheels Inline Wheel SKU: IW01 These Rigwheels inline skate wheels are the perfect custom formulation for film and video applications. Not too hard, not too soft. They include ABEC 7 bearings and the hard-to-find spacers that go inside the wheel. Can be mounted with 5/16″ or M8 size bolts.

PLN 54.74*
net: PLN 44.50
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