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RigWheels Cloud Mount Slingshot 10 Vibration Isolator

RigWheels Slingshot 10

SKU: SS-10

The Cloud Mount Slingshot builds on the incredible versatility of the Cloud Mount system by adding a configuration tailored for underslinging your camera/gimbal combination. The new elastic suspension components provide excellent vibration isolation performance for more demanding applications while maintaining the simplicity and practicality that RigWheels in known for.

Just like the standard Cloud Mount configurations, the Rigwheels Slingshot is fully adjustable and scaleable for use with a small gimbal and camera all the way up to full cinema packages using a monster like the Movi XL. Simply change the length/diameter of the cables and/or elastic tubing to tailor the mount to the size of your camera setup and the terrain you’ll be operating on. Tubing and cables are both available in 3 different diameters.

The elastic tubing is fastened to the system using our stainless steel tube connectors. These come with a variety of threading options so they can be placed in many different positions around our mounting plate as well as used with other rigging accessories. The standard positions for the tube mounts are where the Cloud Mount cables clamps are attached to the plate via 1/4-20″ screws.

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RigWheels Cloud Mount Slingshot 20 Vibration Isolator
RigWheels Slingshot 20 SKU: SS-20 The RigWheels Slingshot produces great results but the speed and ease of use of the standard Cloud Mount is essential to have in your arsenal. In many locations you are not able to mount a system which hangs to the outside footprint of your vehicle. The hood/roof/trunk placements of the Cloud Mount are ideal for these scenarios. Like all RigWheels systems the components of the Cloud Mount and Slingshot can be used in many other ways further increasing their net value. When you’re not using the system as a vibration isolator you can use the components as hard mounts etc… If you really want to be efficient with the gear you travel with RigWheels in an excellent choice. In one small case you can carry components to configure our RailDolly, Cloud Mount, Slingshot, RigMount X, RigMount XL, RigSkate and more. APPROXIMATE PAYLOAD: 0,00 - 9,07 KG

PLN 5,199.83*
net: PLN 4,227.50
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RigWheels PTZ-OI-PC Overhead Vibration Isolator with Pipe Clamps
RigWheels PTZ Camera Overhead Vibration Isolator with Pipe Clamps SKU: PTZ-OI-PC RigWheels PTZ Camera Overhead Vibration Isolator with Pipe Clamps opinion is intended to be attached to overhead pipe/tube between 1-1/8″ and 2″ in diameter. These clamps can also clamp onto rectangular tubing (1.5 x 2″ rectangular tubing for example) For a PTZ or fixed camera installation, this system provides excellent isolation because ALL of the load can be placed directly on the elastic vibration isolating components. For vehicle mounting the cables in the system provide structure so the mount doesn’t bounce around erratically. For installations, the cables used are present for two purposes, 1) security in the event that the elastic tubes fail over time. 2) To prevent “pancaking”. When larger cameras pan left/right quickly, there needs to be some structure in the mount so the inertia doesn’t create a lateral/twisting swinging effect. Every installation is different so are several options for how you can mount a PTZ camera with this solution however, there are two primary methods. From above - Directly to a ceiling or to a pipe/tube/truss using RigWheels Universal Pipe Clamps. ATTENTION: Pictured tube not included

PLN 3,995.66*
net: PLN 3,248.50
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RigWheels PTZ-OI PTZ Camera Overhead Vibration Isolator
RigWheels PTZ Camera Overhead Vibration Isolator SKU: PTZ-OI The RigWheels PTZ camera vibration isolator is the perfect solution to improve image quality for fixed installations in theaters, concert venues, houses of worship, classrooms, factories with machine vibration and other similar locations. This innovative mount is designed to reduce unwanted vibrations that can negatively impact your camera’s performance, allowing you to capture clear and stable images. RigWheels PTZ camera vibration isolator is capable of reducing vibrations from various sources, including loudspeakers, machinery, foot traffic and other problematic sources. This results in exceptionally improved image stability, ensuring that your footage remains clear, even in challenging environments. RigWheels PTZ Camera Overhead Vibration Isolator PTZ-OI opinion is intended to be bolted/screwed directly to ceiling or overhead surface using standard hardware.

PLN 3,552.30*
net: PLN 2,888.05
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RigWheels Cloud Mount Vibration Isolation Unit
RigWheels Vibration Isolation Unit SKU: CM-VI The RigWheels Cloud Mount camera vibration isolator system is the most versatile and customizable vibration isolation system for filmmaking available. In the box 2 x RigPlate8 x Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator Cable Clamp8 x Cable (1/4″ x 7″)

PLN 2,731.28*
net: PLN 2,220.55
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