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RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar with Case

RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar with Case


The RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar is the upgraded assortment of parts for out Sidecar/Hostess Tray configuration. This includes all of the parts for the standard (hood/roof/trunk) configuration plus the additional components necessary for the sidecar / hostess tray / underslung configurations. In the box

  • 3 x RigPlate
  • 6 x RigAxle
  • 10 x Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator Cable Clamp
  • 8 x Cable (1/4″ x 7″)
  • 18 x Socket Button Head (1/4″ x .5)
  • 1 x 3/8″ Bolt 3/4″ Long
  • 1 x 3/8″ Washer
  • 4 x 5/16″ x 2″ Thumb Knob
  • 4 x 5/16″ x 1″ Thumb Knob
  • 2 x 5/16″ Washer
  • 16 x RigMount Magnetic Mount Long
  • 8 x A-Cup Suction Cup
  • 2 x 5/16″ bolt – 7/8″ Long
  • 1 x 3/16″ Hex Key
  • 1 x 5/32″ Hex Key
  • 2 x 5/16″ x 3/4″ Thumb Knob
  • 4 x 5/16″ Female Thumb Knob
  • 1 x Cloud Mount Travel Case
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Accessory Items

RigWheels RigMount Magnetic Mount Long RML1
RigWheels RigMount Magnetic Mount Long SKU: RML1 The RigMount is a magnetic mount for camera mounting that uses rare earth magnets to achieve its surprisingly high holding power. This version has a longer mounting bolt sized for use with the RigPlate to give the correct amount of clearance underneath the Plate. It has a a specially formulated rubber coating to both protect the surface you mount to and also to prevent slippage. The great thing about mounting a camera with a RigMount magnetic mount is that once it is safely attached to a steel surface it will never loose it’s holding power. This gives you peace of mind and better results as well. With industrial grade high-power rare-earth magnets these magnetic mounts will amaze you with their strength when affixed to a compatible metal. (up to 50lbs each in a vertical pull) Many other mounting devices can sag or detach as time passes. When you mount your camera with a RigMount you can be confident that your frame will stay exactly where you want it. Suction mounts are prone to vibration because of the rubber components. Because this magnet mount uses less rubber material than suction mounts your shots will be more stable with less vibration. The rubber coating on the RigMount magnetic mounts is just enough to protect the surface you are mounting to from being scratched while not depleting the strength of the magnet. Another advantage to using RigMounts is they are not affected by temperature. If you shoot in extreme environments these magnetic mounts are an ideal option.

PLN 213.47*
net: PLN 173.55
RigWheels RigAxle RA01
RigWheels RigAxle SKU: RA01 RigAxles are designed to be used in conjunction with RigPlate. They allow for several different additional configurations that provide you with even more options for getting smooth camera movement with the RigWheels system.RigAxles with custom inline wheels attached to the ends turn the RigPlate into a more robust tabletop dolly with a larger footprint. This is an ideal solution for larger camera setups. You can also pivot the RigAxles to get curved dolly moves.A single RigAxle can be used in conjunction with RigPlate and RigWheels to add a bottom bar to make a captive rail pipe slider. RigAxles and RigPlate are used together to in RailDolly configuration.

PLN 235.36*
net: PLN 191.35
RigWheels A-Cup Suction Cup
RigWheels A-Cup Suction Cup SKU: AC01 A-Cups are industrial grade camera suction mounts with industry standard 1/4-20″ studs that screw directly into the RigPlate or RigAxles. The Riwgheels A-Cups are appropriate for most applications.

PLN 54.74*
net: PLN 44.50
RigWheels RigPlate RP01
RigWheels RigPlate SKU:RP01 RigPlate is one of the most versatile pieces of camera mounting hardware you can own. Versatility is king at RigWheels. RigWheels designs everything with versatility in mind and the RigPlate camera cheese plate delivers. The first function is to serve as a camera mounting plate to attach MicroWheels to. One RigPlate and one set of MicroWheels provides you with smooth movement as a table-top / skater dolly that you can use on any smooth hard surface.Using Rigwheels RigPlate as a pipe dolly gives you scalable slider / dolly option that is tailored for the new generation of mid-size and compact cameras. Attaching two RigPlates together creates a captive-rail camera carriage that allows secure camera movement at any angle. Using RigPlate in conjunction with RigAxels adds even more capability to this simple affordable system with a more traditional table-top dolly setup and a robust pipe-dolly option.RigPlate is a great camera support platform and it can be used for much more than camera movement. With the amount and variety of mounting points there are an endless variety of accessories that can be attached. There are (14) 1/4-20 and (4) 3/8-16 threaded holes (industry standard sizes) in addition to four 5/16” and five 3/8” pass through holes. A RigPlate can be turned into a rock-solid suction mount by adding A-Cups, B-Cups or C-Cups. One thing we’re excited about is our new RigMount products. New camera technology allows us to use magnets which would have never been considered a few years ago when using video tape. The hi-power RigMount magnetic mounts provide a new solution for mounting cameras in unique and different ways. A single RigMount is also a great solution for mounting sports/action cameras and smaller still cameras.

PLN 821.03*
net: PLN 667.50
RigWheels Set of 8 Cloud Mount Cable Clamps
RigWheels Set of 8 Cloud Mount Cable Clamps SKU: CMC8 8 Additional Cloud Mount Cable Clamps allowing you to double the capacity or amount of cables used in the system. CMC8 Included 8 x Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator Cable Clamp18 x Socket Button Head – 1/4″ x .51 x 3/16″ Hex Key)1 x 5/32″ Hex Key

PLN 1,204.17*
net: PLN 979.00

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RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar
RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar SKU: CM-SC The RigWheels Cloud Mount SideCar is the upgraded assortment of parts for out Sidecar/Hostess Tray configuration. This includes all of the parts for the standard (hood/roof/trunk) configuration plus the additional components necessary for the sidecar / hostess tray / underslung configurations. In the box 3 x RigPlate6 x RigAxle10 x Cloud Mount Vibration Isolator Cable Clamp8 x Cable (1/4″ x 7″)18 x Socket Button Head (1/4″ x .5)1 x 3/8″ Bolt 3/4″ Long1 x 3/8″ Washer4 x 5/16″ x 2″ Thumb Knob4 x 5/16″ x 1″ Thumb Knob2 x 5/16″ Washer16 x RigMount Magnetic Mount Long8 x A-Cup Suction Cup2 x 5/16″ bolt – 7/8″ Long1 x 3/16″ Hex Key1 x 5/32″ Hex Key2 x 5/16″ x 3/4″ Thumb Knob4x 5/16″ Female Thumb Knob

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TILTA Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro Kit
TILTA Hydra Alien PRO KIT The Hydra Alien Pro Kit offers a complete package for flexible car mounting while including additional accessories to offer more accurate control and improved ease of use. The Pro Kit features the Remote Control Kit which offers full wired or wireless control of the DJI RS 2 and includes the Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket which makes it easier to monitor your footage while controlling the RS 2. The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System was designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with smaller gimbals to allow for a lightweight solution to car-mounted cinematography. The system utilizes a highly customizable combination of dovetail-like plates and suction cups that can support a payload of 50kg each. Highly elastic shock-absorbing silicon provides longer durability and less abrasion, while the updated suction cup plungers create a stronger seal for improved security in colder weather. When interconnected, the system allows users to fine-tune the exact placement of their shot to achieve almost any angle possible when mounting to a vehicle. The system also uses a shock absorbing arm to better stabilize the camera for certain shots as well as a spring-loaded cradle head if the intended shot requires that the gimbal be flipped upside down. The newly included Hydraulic Dampening Pole further stabilizes the arm to provide smoother results when driving conditions are less than optimal. The Hydra Alien supports full wireless control of the RS2 via the included Remote Control Kit for RS2 which allows you to control your RS 2 gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera via either a wired or wireless connection. It also includes a thumbstick that allows you to control the pan and tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating. The new Hard Shell Safety Case is designed to store and protect the Hydra Alien. This allows you to safely transport the system between shooting locations and neatly store the system when it is not in use. The waterproof design protects the case and equipment from hazards like rain and snow. This case functions as a replacement for the one included with the Hydra Alien, but can also be used to store other equipment if needed.

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