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Porta Brace STC-2EX Storm Coat Extreme

Porta Brace STC-2EX

The Porta Brace STC-2EX Storm Coat Extreme was designed to protect broadcast cameras from heavy weather conditions. It is made of a 3 layer bond of tough 200 denier nylon oxford, a waterproof sheet of Fabuthane, and a soft layer of nylon tricot. The coat is fast and easy to put on with an extended zipper on the bottom and a zippered viewfinder sleeve. There is a neoprene gasket around the lens shade both grips the lens shade to keep the case in proper position, and seals out harsh weather, sea-spray and dust.

The STC-2EX has a mic cover with two designated tie downs to keep the cover trim in high winds, and can accommodate multiple microphones. An extended hand-sleeve for camera operation is long enough to transition over your jacket to help keep you dry. It has a 17" storm collar that allows top access to the camera offering the possibility for a carrying strap and a light. The opening seals tight with hook and loop and folds over for extreme weather. A neoprene light guard forms a gasket around the light post and fastens anywhere along the 17" collar, keeping the camera dry. For added operator comfort, a neoprene pad covers the bottom zippers at the camera's shoulder pad.

The Porta Brace STC-2EX also includes a large vinyl window on the viewfinder side, a separate zipped opening for left handed manual focus and controls, an expandable back that gives you an extra 2 inches in length if you need it, and easy access to battery and tape.

Compatible with

Ikegami DNS-201, DNS-33 camcorders
Ikegami HC-400 camcorder
Ikegami HDL-V90 camcorders
Ikegami HL-45, HL-55, HL-57, HL-59, HL-DV5, HL-DV7W, HL-V55, HL-V59, HL-V73, HL-V75W, HL-V77, HL-V77W, HL-V79W camcorders
Panasonic AJ-D200, AJ-D210, AJ-D215, AJ-D300, AJ-D400, AJ-D415, AJ-D610WA, AJ-D700, AJ-D800, AJ-D810, AJ-D910, AJ-D913 camcorders
Panasonic AJ-HDC20A, AJ-HDC27A, AJ-HDC27F camcorders
Panasonic AJ-HDX400 camcorder
Panasonic AJ-PD900 camcorder
Panasonic AJ-SDC615, AJ-SDC905, AJ-SDC915 camcorders
Panasonic AJ-SDX900 camcorder
Panasonic AJ-SPX800 camcorder
Sony BVW-D200, BVW-D300, BVW-D400, BVW-D600 camcorder
Sony DNW7, DNW709WS, DNW7P, DNW9, DNW90, DNW90P, DNW90WS, NW90WSP camcorders
Sony DSR-130P, DSR-135P camcorders
Sony DVW-700, DVW-707, DVW-709WS, DVW-790WS, DVW-970 camcorders
Sony DXC-537, DXC-637, DXC-D30, DXC-D35H, DXC-D35L, DXC-D35WS, DXC-D50 camcorders
Sony HDW-700, HDW-730, HDW-730S, HDW-750, HDW-900, HDW-F900 camcorders
Sony MPEG-50 camcorder
Sony MSW-900, MSW-900P, MSW-970 camcorders
Sony PDW-510, PDW-510P, PDW-530 camcorders
Sony UVW-100 camcorders

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