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Porta Brace RS-33

Porta Brace RS-33

The Porta Brace RS-33 is one of several special Rain Slickers for MICROWAVE TRANSMITTERS. Place a small hole in the special neoprene seal area for exact antenna location. The RAIN SLICKER Camera Case has improved steadily over the past 20 years. When squared lens shades became the standard, it allowed to put a neoprene gasket around the shade to hold firmly and keep water out. The removable Porta-Brace shade has a form fitting plastic material, which you can bend and shape to fit, making it more difficult for rain to reach the lens. The series of zipper slides at the base allows you to quickly and easily cover the camera even with large batteries and wireless microphones. It works on the tripod or on your shoulder and access is made easy with clear vinyl windows, flaps and zippered openings. The material is a special combination of two fabrics and two types of waterproofing.


3-ply Nylon, Fabuthane with soft tricot-backed protection
Ample vinyl viewing windows
Ample vinyl viewing windows and access
Detachable front visor forms to square shades
Detachable front visor, triple zip bottom
Easier to put on the camera
Quick Change Battery Back
Quick Change Battery Back and wireless mics
Rain-Fly for extra coverage
Use on or off the tripod
side pocket for lens cap & wipes
water/dust/snow,sun protection
Weight: 1.50 lb / 0.68 kg

Dedicated for

Hitachi Z-3000
JVC GY-DV5000U, JVC GY-DV5100U, JVC KY-19, JVC KY-27, JVC KY-29
Panasonic AG-DVC200, Panasonic AG-DVC200P, Panasonic AJ-D200, Panasonic AJ-D210, Panasonic AJ-D215, Panasonic AJ-D410
Philips BTS LDK-10, Philips BTS LDK-20, Philips BTS LDK-23HS
Sony DSR-250, Sony DSR-300, Sony DSR-370, Sony DSR-390, Sony DSR-400, Sony DSR-450, Sony DSR-500, Sony DSR-570, Sony DSR-590, Sony PDW-F330, Sony PDW-F335, Sony PDW-F350, Sony PDW-F355

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