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Mole Richardson Skypan 5K SkyLite Type 245

Mole Richardson Skypan 5000 WATT SKYLITE 5K

TYPE 245

Mole Skypan provides a soft and even fill-light for lighting backings or extremely large cyc’s in Television, Motion Pictures, and Still Photography. Diffuser Holder and Diffuser Frame are available for using diffusion materials for a softer fill-light. Mole Richardson Skypan equipped with Safety Screen.

Skypan 5000 WATT SKYLITE 5K Technical data

HEAD Type 245, 5,000 watts
RATING 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 41.6 amps max.—5,000 watts max
SOCKETS Mogul Bipost. Spring loaded contacts.
SWITCH 60 amps, 125 volts heavy-duty double pole, snap action, mounted in rear of socket casting
CABLE 91.44 cm Type SO, 3 conductor #6 AWG with MC257G 3 pin plug
CONSTRUCTION Steel reflector with cast aluminum socket housing and switch cover
YOKE Tubular steel and brass castings with removable 2.85 cm dia. steel yoke pin
REFLECTOR Steel with white reflecting surface
SIZE 69.85 cm diameter by 11.74 cm deep reflector
FINISH Maroon Powder Coat Enamel
DIFFUSER HOLDER Accessory Type 24552
Includes Type 24515 Diffuser Frame and Type 24549 Safety Screen


24515 Diffuser Holder  (Skirt) Required for mounting all light control accessories
24549 Safety Screen Kit Attaches to Type 24515 Diffuser Holder
24552 Diffuser Holder & Safety Screen Kit Includes both Type 24515 Diffuser Holder and Type 24549 Safety Screen in one assembly
450260 2-Way Barn Door (6 Leaf)
450267 4-Way Barn Door (8 Leaf)
450481A Moledisc Diffuser Frame (73.66 cm dia.)
450746 Molering Diffuser Frame (73.66 cm dia.)
450762S Half Single Moledura Scrim (73.66 cm dia.)
450762D Half Double Moledura Scrim (73.66 cm dia.)
450763S Single Moledura Scrim (73.66 cm dia.)
450763D Double Moledura Scrim (73.66 cm dia.)
G140 Scrim Bag
1921 5kW to 2kW Socket Adapter
500305 Trapeze
5001652 60 Amp Extension Cable—7.62 m

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