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Mole Richardson 100W TweenieLED

Mole Richardson 100W TweenieLED

Pound for pound, it's everything you've come to expect from a Tweenie LED and so much more. Seamless integration with existing Tungsten Halogen Incandescent,similar performance and optics as other 4.5" (114mm)Mole Fresnels, and about 80% less power consumption.

Type 8911 Daylite
Type 8811 Daylite (Non-DMX)
Type 8911 Daylite Pole Operated
Type 8901 Tungsten
Type 8801 Tungsten (Non-DMX)
Type 8901 Tungsten Pole Operated

Introducing the MoleLED Fresnels- Mole Richardson TweenieLED. A design familiar to generations of lighting professionals is now loaded with state of the art electronics and the latest LED technology. These revolutionary fixtures use a proprietary Quantum Dot LED developed and produced by Mole to replicate film and television 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight exactly. High-output, with unparalleled color quality and a borosilicate glass Fresnel lens, the MoleLED Fresnels perform identically to an incandescent or HMI Fresnel fixture. In addition, Mole added features like a universal power supply, built-in local dimming as well as on-board DMX dimming. Now, you are no longer tied to an external dimming system or any one voltage.
In an industry inundated with mass produced, eco-friendly products, the MoleLED Fresnels are truly a hybrid of hand crafted quality and the most advanced solid state lighting technology available. From the ground up, the MoleLED Fresnels are designed, engineered and built in the USA for professionals everywhere.

Advantages of TweenieLED 100W

5,600K Balance
CRI: 90
100 -10% Local Dimming
100 - 0% DMX Dimming
IP 30 Rating
Aluminum Alloy and Steel Construction
Low Electrical Draw
7.62 m Cable


An 80% reduction in energy consumption
Flicker-Free dimming with little to no color shift
No need for external dimming systems
No direct IR or radiant heat from Fresnel


Head(s): Type 8901 Tungsten / Type 8911 Daylite
Rating 90-250 Volts AC, 50-60Hz, 100 Watts, 1 Amp Max. DMX Standby Draw <.05 Amps Max.
Light Source (1) - 100 Watt Mole-Richardson Quantum Dot LED 3200K 95CRI Tungsten & 5600K 90CRI Daylight
Switch Thru-cord Toggle in Cable, DMX or Local Toggle in Trough
Fuse 2 Amp Slow-Blow. Fuseholder in Trough
Dimming Flicker Free, Direct DC Dimming Local Dimmer 100% - 0% (Minimal Color Shift) DMX Dimmer 100% - 0%(Minimal Color Shift)
Control DMX512-A In and Out. Manual DMX Address Selector
Beam Angle 22° to 56° Variable Spot to Flood (Includes Field)
Focusing Rotating Knob on Front and Back
Cooling Passive-Forced Air
Cable Attached 5 ft (4.6m) Type SO., 3 Conductor, #18 AWG with NEMA 5-15 Edison (Other plugs and wire lengths available upon request)
Construction Aluminum and Steel with Interlocking Channels
Yoke Cast Aluminum w/Standard 5/8 in (16 mm) Receiver
Compliance RoHS. CE, UL, CSA
IP Rating 30
Finish Textured Black Powder Epoxy Coat. (Other Colors Available)
Size 200 mm x 229 mm x 406 mm
Head Weight 2.72 kg (Head Only) /  3.63 kg (Head with 25 ft / 7.6 m cable)
Condenser 113 mm Borosilicate Glass Fresnel

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