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MID49 Power Distribution Box DB-8 (Sony Burano, V-Mount) M49-DB8-V

MID49 Power Distribution Box DB-8 (Sony Burano, V-Mount)

Power Distribution Box DB-8 (Sony Burano, V-Mount) attaches directly to the back of the camera body using the V-Mount interface to provide intelligent power distribution with D-Taps, 5V USB-C PD, 3pin Fischers, and 2pin LEMO compatible connectors. Removable LANC cable enables remote start/stop capability using 3pin Fischer devices. Hot swap between onboard battery and 4pin XLR DC INPUT without losing camera or accessory power. When both sources are connected, the DC INPUT takes priority down to 12.5V at which point, the DB-8 will switch to an onboard battery. With the SMART FUSE design, camera power is monitored and the remaining power budget is allocated to accessories. For example, the Burano uses approximately 2.8A at 14V so when using a 10A capable battery, the remaining 6.2A is allocated for accessory use. If an accessory configuration exceeds the 6.2A limit, accessory power is cut off, leaving the camera powered. The "SMART FUSE" LED will illuminate showing the error and once the configuration has been adjusted to lower than 6.2A, the RESET button can be pressed and power will be re-enabled to accessory outputs. In the event of a complete short circuit, the system will immediately shut down and can only be turned back on once the short circuit has been removed.

The DB-8 is also compatible with Sony Venice and Venice 2 and start / stop capability can be added using the optional adapter cable.


  • BATT V-Mount plate with SMBus communication
  • DC IN 4pin XLR (11-17V)


  • 2x D-Tap (battery voltage)
  • 2x 3pin (24V at 2.5A with run/stop)
  • 2x 2pin (battery voltage)
  • 1x USB-C PD (5V at 3A with thread lock)
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