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MID49 EXT Breakout EB-1 (RED Komodo, Komodo-X, V-Raptor)

MID49 EXT Breakout EB-1


EXT Breakout EB-1 (RED Komodo, Komodo-X, V-Raptor) converts the camera's 9-pin 0B LEMO EXT port to industry standard connectors listed below.

  • Genlock: 75-ohm BNC
  • Timecode: 5-pin 0B
  • CTRL: 4-pin 00
  • Trigger: 3-pin Fischer
  • EXT Pass-Through: 9-pin 0B

Attaches by a captive 1/4-20 screw and rubber pad to the camera body or side plates like Breakout Side Plate Only (RED Komodo-X)(sold separately). Two M4 threaded holes in 20mm ARRI spacing are available to add Breakout Box Mounting Bracket (ARRI 3/8-16, Rear Mount) (sold separately), which allows the EB-1 to attach using a 3/8-16 screw with ARRI locating pins. 

8 inch (20cm) cable length with right angle LEMO-compatible connector.

  • Weight: 70g
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 54 x 271 x 19mm
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Accessory Items

MID49 Breakout Side Plate for RED KOMODO / KOMODO-X
MID49 Breakout Side Plate SKU: M49-BOB-SPL-KX Breakout Side Plate for RED KOMODO and RED KOMODO-X attaches to the side of the RED Komodo and Komodo-X and provides 1/4-20, 3/8-16 with ARRI locating pins, an ARRI standard rosette, and M4x20mm threaded holes. Two offset M4 holes matching RED's spacing allow certain 3rd party products to be attached like GDU Atlas Side Handle (Komodo, Right)When used on RED Komodo-X, rear 1/4-20's provide ideal mounting locations for Audio Breakout AB-1 (RED Komodo-X) and EXT Breakout EB-1 (RED Komodo, Komodo-X).When used on the original RED Komodo, combine with Audio Breakout AB-3 (RED Komodo) and EXT Breakout EB-1 (RED Komodo, Komodo-X).The Side Plate is compatible with RED's PL Mount support, as seen in this installation guide.Recessed cable loops in the side plate allow for clean cable management.

PLN 760.82*
net: PLN 618.55

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B-Box Kit (RED KOMODO, KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR) SKU: A00546 The B-Box enhances the capabilities of the EXT port by offering multiple ports like Run/Stop, timecode, control, and genlock. The B-Box has eight M2.5 threaded holes for additional accessory mounting like Accessory Rails and Bolt-On Plate Adapters. Mounting options included in the B-Box Kit are one 40mm Accessory Rail that is compatible with the Rear Cage mini clamp mount and a Bolt-On 3/8-16 Accessory Mount. This kit includes variations of EXT cables designed for use with our D-Box for KOMODO-X Kit, allowing 24V Run/Stop power out of the 3-pin connector port on the B-Box or to be used directly with the camera's EXT port.Included ItemsB-Box (RED KOMODO, KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR)Mini Accessory Rail with Safety (40mm)Bolt-On 3/8-16 Accessory MountEXT Cable (12-pin 0B Right-Angle Male to 12pin 0B Right-Angle Male, 3in)EXT Cable (9-pin Right-Angle Male to 12-pin Right-Angle Male, 4in)EXT Cable (9-pin Right-Angle Male to 12-pin Straight Male, 12in)EXT Cable (12-pin 0B Straight Male to 12-pin 0B Right Angle Male, 12in)SpecificationsWeight: 87gDimensions: 42 x 30 x 75 mm

PLN 2,025.20*
net: PLN 1,646.50
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