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Metabones ARRI PL - BMPCC4K T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x

Metabones ARRI PL to BMPCC4K T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x


Metabones PL T CINE Speed Booster adapters are designed exclusively for the Zeiss CP.2, CZ.2, and CP.3 lenses. Metabones ARRI PL to BMPCC4K Speed Booster adapters is designed exclusively for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC4K). They cannot be attached to any other M43 cameras such as JVC, Olympus or Panasonic cameras.

The BMPCC4K Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x reduces the crop factor of the BMPCC 4K camera from 2.02x to 1.43x and produces the largest aperture optics currently available, with a maximum output aperture of f/0.9.


Design for attaching PL Prime Lens to Blackmagic M43-mount cameras/camcorders 
Increase maximum aperture by 1 stop.
Increase MTF.
Makes lens 0.71x wider.
The advanced 6-element/4-group optical design incorporating ultra-high index tantalum-based optical glass by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent granted).
Positive-lock PL lens mount.
Flocking to reduce internal reflection.
Aluminum alloy and brass construction with chromium plating.
Satin surface finish.
Detachable tripod foot compatible with Arca Swiss Style ball head, such as Markins and Photo Clam or attach to quick release plate by a 1/4"-20 screw. 
The tripod foot is tailor-made to match the exact height as the BMPCC4K camera body.

MB_SPPL-M43-BT2 Cameras Compatibility List

BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera HD (original ver.)
BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera 
BlackMagic Micro Studio Camera 4K 
BlackMagic Studio Camera 4K 
BlackMagic Studio Camera

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Blackmagic Pocket 4K Introducing the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, the ultimate tool for filmmakers and content creators. This compact camera packs a powerful punch, delivering stunning 4K footage with unparalleled quality and versatility. Designed by the industry-leading brand Blackmagic, this camera is perfect for capturing cinematic shots on the go. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket, allowing you to capture every moment, no matter where you are.Equipped with a 4K Super 35 sensor, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K delivers exceptional image quality with 13 stops of dynamic range. This means you can capture every detail and nuance of your subject, from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights. With its advanced cinema camera features, this camera allows you to shoot in a variety of formats, including RAW and ProRes, giving you complete control over your footage in post-production. You can also shoot in slow motion, up to 120 frames per second, for stunning visual effects.The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K also boasts a large 5-inch touchscreen display, making it easy to frame your shots and navigate through menus. It also has a built-in microphone, but for professional-grade audio, you can easily attach an external microphone. Whether you're a professional filmmaker or a content creator, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is the perfect tool to bring your vision to life. What's Included Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4KLens turret dust cap.30W power supply with locking connector and international adapters.SD card with software and manual.Welcome card.DaVinci Resolve Studio with activation key.

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Metabones PL to Sony E-mount T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x
Metabones PL to Sony E-mount T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x SKU: MB_SPPL-E-BT1 Speed Booster ULTRA  for E-Mount and X-mount cameras The Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA has a magnification of 0.71x, and so it effectively reduces the crop factor of mirrorless cameras with DX-sized sensors and Super35 camcoder, such as Sony E-mount, Fuji X-mount cameras, Sony FS7 MARKII, from 1.5x to 1.07x.  However, the new ULTRA design makes very effective use of exotic materials at the furthest limit of glassmaking technology, and as a result is well corrected for use with virtually all fullframe SLR/Prime lenses regardless of exit pupil distance. Features Design for attaching full-frame PL Prime Lens to Sony E-mount cameras/camcordersIncrease maximum aperture by 1 stop.Increase MTF.Makes lens 0.71x wider.Advanced 5-element/4-group optical design incorporating ultra-high index tantalum-based optical glass by Caldwell Photographic in the USA (patent pending).New positive-lock PL lens mount. (Patent pending).Felt material flocked inside the opening to reduce internal reflection.Compatible with Sony FS7 Mark II camera.The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins, Photo Clam ball heads. Limitations Only support full-frame PL Prime lenses, e.g. Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses. Super 35 PL Prime lenses are NOT supported.Speed Booster ULTRA is designed to cover an APS-C/Super35 image circle which is not big enough to cover a full-size 36mm x 24mm sensor. On a full frame camera body (A7 series, NEX-VG900) the camera needs to have "APS-C/Super 35mm" set to either "Auto" or "On". Tested camera/camcorder bodies A7S ( in "APS-C Size Capture" mode) A7R ( in "APS-C Size Capture" mode) A7  ( in "APS-C Size Capture" mode) PXW-FS7 MARK IIPXW-FS7PXW-FS5NEX-FS700 NEX-FS100NEX-EA50NEX-VG900NEX-VG30NEX-VG20NEX-VG10NEX-7NEX-6NEX-5RNEX-5NNEX-5NEX-C3NEX-3NEX-A6500NEX-A6000

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