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Manfrotto 126BSU Heavy Duty Black Stand

Manfrotto 126BSU

Manfrotto 126BSU is a Professional video/photo tripod stand for studios or outdoors. Equipped with a levelling leg and a double-braced levelling leg, it stays in place, no matter the environment. Rest assured knowing that your equipment is secure thanks to the stands locking features and professional design. It is capable for safely supporting a payload of up to 40kg, despite it's extremely lightweight design. This makes it indispensable for photographers moving from location to location. This means you can get the stability and quality you're looking for without having to compromise on portability. With a closed height of 131 cm, and extending to 333cm high when in use, it suits a wide range of purposes.

Heavy Duty Black Stand Technical data

Weight: 8300 g
Top Attachment: 1 1/8″ (28mm) socket, 5/8″ (16mm) stud, 3/8″ screw
Closed Length: 131 cm
Colour: Black
Column Tube Diameter: 40, 35, 30 mm
Footprint Max Diameter: 126 cm
Leg Cross Section: round
Leg Sections: 3
Levelling Leg: 1
Load Capacity at Maximum Extension: 3 kg
Material Base: Steel
Material column: Steel
Maximum Height: 333 cm
Max Payload: 40 kg
Min Height: 131 cm
Stand Leg Size: Ø22mm
Suggested Wheels: 109,110,110G

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