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Lumantek ez-Pro VS4 4x1 Multiview Switcher (3G-SDI / HDMI)

Lumantek ez-Pro VS4

Lumantek ez-Pro VS4 is a 4 channels video switcher. It has 3 x HDMI, 1 x SDI , and 1 x HDMI/SDI interchangeable ports for inputs. You can monitor videos through 1 x HDMI Multiview, and display Program output through either 1 x HDMI and/or 1 x SDI. ez-Pro VS4 also receives TS type 6.35mm (1/4") Balanced External Audio ports, and sends out audio through 3.5mm Stereo port.

ez-Pro VS4 is fit for houses of worship, educational activities, wedding, events, theater, and live concerts. With its user-friendly interface and comfortable keys, you can easily master its functions in no time.

Luma and Chroma Key

Use the Luma and Chroma Key to insert a transparent background video over another. With a simple push of a button, activate the Luma/Chroma feature of ez-Pro VS4. You can look like a pro with ez-Pro VS4.

Audio Input / Output

Audio embedding and de-embedding is possible with ez-Pro VS4. Contol the sound as you want with our audio mixer function on the menu.

Picture in Picture and Logos

Present a video input while displaying another with Picture in Picture (PIP). You can insert up to 2 logos in ez-Pro VS4. Use any images and upload into the video switcher.

Internal Scalers in All Inputs

ez-Pro VS4 has internal scalers in all input ports providing the easiest way to video switch with many videos of different resolutions. Do not worry about matching resolutions any longer. ez-Pro VS4 makes all "ez"!

Input Ports

3 x HDMI
1 x SDI
1 x HDMI/SDI interchangeable

TS type 6.35mm (1/4") Balanced External Audio

Output Ports

1 x HDMI (Multiview)
1 x HDMI (Program)
1 x SDI (Program)

3.5mm Stereo port.

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Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel The new Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel is an elegantly designed professional hardware control panel for all ATEM switchers. It combines modern design with the latest broadcast technology for faster workflows. The new design features a built in LCD and high quality curved buttons that help reduce incorrect key presses. The buttons also have color backlighting to help you quickly recognize important keys. You also get a professional joystick for DVE and camera adjustments, smooth weighted t-bar fader and much more. The buttons feature dynamic displays that allow full customization of the labels as well as custom colors. The shift buttons allow you to double up the number of inputs by selecting a second set of shifted source buttons so you can control up to 20 inputs. The compact size and durable design of the ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel fits in a standard equipment rack, making it perfect for shelf mounting in broadcast trucks, mobile racks and fly away kits.

PLN 13,973.85*
net: PLN 11,360.85
Free shipping
Lumantek ez-Pro VS10 10 Channel Full HD Video Switcher
Lumantek ez-Pro VS10 LUMANTEK gives you another switcher good for live events but with more ports than before. More screens to monitor in a single switcher with a larger touch screen to control. You can choose from many layouts to show the multiview screen. You can move them as you want and name as you want. Configure your own layout through our utility (Win OS or Mac OS), save it on a USB disk, and plug it into VS10 to load your layout. Perfect harmony with ez-CGER mini for live titling and graphics! All ez-Pro VS10 SDI inputs can take in Fill & Key signals. Connect LUMANTEK’s “ez-CGER mini” with ez-Pro VS10 and broadcast your video with Live Titling and Graphics! Intuitive LCD Touchscreen and Joy-stick control All key menu or functions can be adjusted with touchscreen smoothly and extremely easily operated with rotary switch or Joy stick. All 10 inputs built in in Scaler ez-Pro VS10 comes with internal scalers in all input ports. Adjust freely using our touch screen menu. Twice the Basic Features ez-Pro VS10 has 2 Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities, 1 Still Image which covers the whole screen, and Luma and Chroma Keyer. You can mix both features and key out the PIP and assimilate a hand language translator PIP. Quiet Fan for your comfort LUMANTEK carefully calibrated the fan noise to provide more comfort to its users while enabling the switcher to operate at its maximum performance. Any ports are Fill & Key VS10 allows to set any SDI input ports as Fill or Key. Transfer with USB disk It is easy to transfer your settings to VS10. Use the VS10 Utility software to save settings into your USB disk. Then plug the USB into VS10 to transfer settings, media, and new firmware.

PLN 19,704.60*
net: PLN 16,020.00
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