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Lumantek EZ-HSV+ HDMI to SDI Converter with Display and Scaler

Lumantek EZ-HSV+

Now you can monitor HDMI video with Lumantek EZ-HSV+. Features you can check are audio bar, incoming resolution and scaled out resolution. The ez-HSV+ comes with the capability to embed external audio as well to give you a more convenient way to plan your production scheme. Through the 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen, you can monitor the incoming video and in/output source resolution. You can also check the sound through the audio level meter on the screen. No more worries with audio! The Maximum power consumption of ez-HSV+ is less than 3 watts. Acceptable voltage ranges from 5v ~ 18v giving the user more flexibility in connecting power. You can also use a power bank to use this coverter.

  • Input ports: 1 x HDMI
  • Output ports: 2 x SDI OUT
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Lumantek ez-LINE VM16 16 x 16 HD-SDI ROUTER
Lumantek ez-Line Router VM16 ez-Line Router VM16 is a 16 x 16 router supporting SD/HD/3G SDI signals. Being able to send sharp and clear signals, the Lumantek VM16 can be a splitter and a selector. ez-Line VM16 has a few ways to control. One of the controllers is the RCP unit. You can install this unit along with the router to distribute your 16 signals to appropriate ports. Software Control Another function that ez-Line Router VM16 provides is the ability to control through computer software. The user can connect the router to a PC using an Ethernet cable and control through a software. SDK & API for your application If you need to modify the control to your needs, then LUMANTEK will provide SDK & API for you. Create your own commands to control ez-Line VM16. Technical data InputSDI Video Input: SD/HD/3G-SDI (BNC 75Ω) x16Reference Input: B.B , TRI (BNC 75Ω ) x1OutputHD-SDI: SD/HD/3G-SDI (BNC 75Ω) x16ConnectionsRemote Control: RS-422 (RJ45)x1Ethernet: Ethernet Support (RJ45)x1Update : Debug (Micro-USB)x1ElectronicalPower Input : 100~240VAC @ 50/60HzPower Consumption: 18W(max.)PhysicalOperation Temperature: 0~40℃Dimension: 44(H) X 483(W) X 240(D) mmWeight: 2.0 kg

PLN 12,315.38*
net: PLN 10,012.50
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Lumantek ez-SHV+ SDI To HDMI Converter With Display And Scaler
Lumantek ez-SHV+ You can easy to monitor in/output resolution, cable length and eye-pattern at once. LUMANTEK's ez-SHV+ has a SDI LOOP output. Through the LCD screen, you can monitor incoming video. By using the 'dip switch', you can select the resolution from 480i to 1080p. You can also control the LCD Brightness and screen ratio. Through the 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen, you can monitoring Eye-Pattern, In/output source resolution, and Cable length at immediately. ez-SHV+ can change the resolution of the incoming video to any resolution ranging from 480i to 1080p60. You can also change the video displaying ratio. You can choose from either 16:9 (Full) or 4:3 (Pillar Box) screen ratio to fit your requirement. All these functions are controlled by 'dip switch'. Lumantek ez-SHV+ has a wall mount option. You can alternative choose to set up at wall or not by changing side bracket. ez-SHV+ detects cable length automatically up to 190 m at 3G-SDI. Cable length will be shown as 'SHORT', 'MEDIUM' and 'LONG'. The Maximum power consumption of ez-SHV+ is less than 3 watts. Acceptable voltage ranges from 5v ~ 18v giving the user more flexibility while connecting electricity. It is easy to check what is being played on the LCD screen. You can also check the sound through the audio level meter on the screen what is being played.

PLN 1,149.44*
net: PLN 934.50
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Blackmagic Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 12G
Blackmagic Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 12G SKU: CONVCMIC/HS12G The world’s smallest HDMI to 12G-SDI broadcast quality converter! Blackmagic Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 12G is a miniaturized broadcast quality video converter that’s perfect for connecting HDMI cameras and computers to professional SDI equipment! You get two 12G-SDI outputs which can be set to level A or B for 3G-SDI signals. Micro Converters feature full size HDMI and professional 12G-SDI connections for working with all NTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 2160p rates, including 4Kp24/47.95/48 DCI. You can power it over USB from a laptop or a mobile phone charger!

PLN 656.82*
net: PLN 534.00
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