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KUPO KS-479 Super Knuckle VESA Monitor Mount Kit

KUPO Super Knuckle VESA Monitor Mount Kit

The VESA Monitor Mount Kit is designed for lightweight monitors. With its Super Knuckle design, the VESA Monitor Mount Kit can easily rotate a monitor from landscape to portrait viewing.

The single knob in the center tightens both ball joints simultaneously, and the 26mm dia ball has a serrated surface for secure locking. The X-design has mounting holes for VESA mount points of 75x75mm and 100x100mm.

The Super Knuckle VESA Monitor Mount Kit can support up to 8kg and features a Baby 5/8" Receiver to secure it to any baby light stand, c-stand, or accessory.


  • Standard VESA mounting holes 75x75mm & 100x100mm
  • Supports up to 8kg
  • Easy and instantaneous rotatation of a monitor from landscape to portrait viewing
  • 5/8in (16mm) Baby Receiver and knob to secure to any baby light stand, c-stand, or accessory
  • One central knob securely locks two ball heads
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smallHD 1303 HDR V-Mount Kit
smallHD 1303 HDR V-Mount Kit SKU: MON-1303HDR-VM-KIT smallHD 1303 HDR V-Mount Kit includes Full HD 13-inch LCD Monitor with 1500 NITs Brightness. Enjoy daylight visibility and all its favorite accessories with this V-Mount kit. Input: 2x SDI, HDMIOutput: 2x SDI, HDMI Display: 13-inch, 1920x1080, 1500nits with HDR Preview In the box 1 x 1303 HDR Production Monitor1 x V-Mount Power Kit + Cheese Plate (PWR-ADP-BB-VM-CP-KIT)1 x C-stand mount for 1300 series (ACC-MT-SM-CSTAND)1 x 1300 Series Sunhood (ACC-HOOD-1300)1 x 1300 Series Screen Impact Protector (ACC-SP-1300-ACR)1 x Ultra Matte screen protector for 1300 Series Production Monitors (ACC-SP-1300-MATTE)1 x RapidRail Mount (ACC-MT-RRAIL-1420)1 x 12-inch Thin SDI Cable (CBL-SGL-BNC-BNC-MM-THIN-12)1 x 24-inch Thin SDI Cable (CBL-SGL-BNC-BNC-MM-THIN-24)1 x 48-inch Thin SDI Cable (CBL-SGL-BNC-BNC-MM-THIN-48)

PLN 23,809.73*
net: PLN 19,357.50
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smallHD Cine 13
smallHD Cine 13 13" 4K High-Bright Production Monitor Cine 13 is SmallHD’s most agile, bright, and pixel-dense 4K production monitor yet. Low-profile in design, this portable field companion can be rigged in almost any situation. With brilliant daylight visibility and full 4K clarity, smallHD Cine 13 is built for those on-set creatives who require critical focusing capability for non-stop monitoring. A stunning 338 PPI display weighing in at only 3.09kg Display: 13"3840 x 2160Backlight Type: LCDDisplay: 13-inch, 3840x2160, 1500nits SDI: 4x 12G-SDI in, 4x 12G-SDI outHDMI: 1x HDMI 2.0 in, 1x HDMI 2.0 outPower Input: 1x 4-pin XLR Small4K™ Video Processing Architecture Inputs: 4x 12G-SDI , 1x HDMI 2.0Outputs: 4x 12G-SDI, 1x HDMI 2.0 Unibody Smart Chassis Smartrail for battery and accessory mounting2x 2-pin accessory power outputsLower mounting rail included for ultimate flexibility PageOS 4 Software Platform 4K HDR waveform and scopesDual & Quad-View*Colour Pipe HDR color renderingMonitor Calibration Wizard Power Hot-swappable dual inputs1x 4-pin XLR input1x Dual-GM/VM Battery Plate (sold separately)

PLN 23,809.73*
net: PLN 19,357.50
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smallHD Vision 24 4K HDR Monitor
smallHD Vision 24 SKU: MON-VISION-24 smallHD Vision 24 allows you to see as your camera sees. Ideal for use in any production environment where HDR monitoring is a necessity, Vision 24 provides you the added security that every detail is captured. This monitor with a 24-inch, 4096x2160-resolution screen has been engineered to equal modern sensors’ increased sensitivity to highlight and lowlight image retention. Vision 24 is powered by SmallHDR, a proprietary Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) hardware that enables nuanced control of over 2176 individual LED zones, rendering hyper-sharp contrasts with deep blacks, crisp highlights, and a stunning 10-bit color depth that provides a color-accurate look at your production. The Vision 24 features four 12G SDI inputs and outputs as well as one HDMI 2.0 input. The Unibody Smart Chassis offers a Dovetail Mounting Rail for battery and accessory mounting, interchangeable mounting points, and 2x 2-pin accessory power outputs. Hot-swappable dual inputs allow you to add on Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate attachments. Features Display: 24.1" 4096x2160Backlight Type: Full-Array Local DimmingBrightness: 1000nits Color Depth: True 10-bitSDI: 4x 12G-SDI in, 4x 12G-SDI outHDMI: 1x HDMI In, 1x HDMI OutPower Input: 1x 3-pin XLR (12V-34V, 12A)

PLN 80,460.45*
net: PLN 65,415.00
KUPO 162MB Monitor Stand II
KUPO 162MB Monitor Stand II Monitor stand II is primary designed for securely mounting your monitor on set or location. The welded 16mm (5/8”) baby pin is also ideal for lighting fixture or any equipment comes with a 16mm (5/8”) baby receiver. The optional caster sets (KC-100M) makes the stand movable easily. Technical data 2 risers, 3 sectionsPowder coated steel standDia. 45mm; 40mm, 35mmLeg size: 25x25mmOne leveling legMay stand alone with legs folded.

PLN 1,658.47*
net: PLN 1,348.35
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Atomos NEON (17 / 24) 4K HDR Monitor Recorder
Atomos NEON The Atomos Neon comes in 17”, 24” screen sizes, and complements other Atomos products such as the Shinobi SDI, Ninja V, Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 to provide a flexible ecosystem of field reference monitors. Neon allows you the flexibility of utilizing your Atomos on low budget productions with HDMI 10-bit uncompressed video cameras, right up to 12G-SDI 12-Bit, 4Kp60 RAW from the best cinema cameras in the world. The Atomos field monitor ecosystem is an online powerhouse and offline workhorse to speed up the time from idea to final exhibition. Directors and cinematographers can record online quality of ProRes RAW recording at the same time integrating into the ARRI workflows. This brings cinema production at the fraction of the cost of current approaches where HDR monitoring varies from crew member to crew member. Atomos brings certainty of the recorded image from camera operators, focus pullers, to make up and sound recordists, to editors and color graders. Directors can tag takes while reviewing footage on-set which the Editor can pick up after importing into an NLE, and can be confident that what they saw on-set will look the same when they get to the edit suite. A Dolby Vision compatible monitor can be also reviewed when output from a Neon to allow directors and producers to see a shot as it would be viewed in the living room of their audience. Alternatively, directors can record at a lower bitrate offline quality on a Neon to record over 20hrs of footage in Prores/DNx/H.265 on an SSD (while the ARRI is recording online quality). This gives the Director to enough integrity to check shots at after each take, or to do quick test edits on-set which avoids expensive re-shoots. Digital filmmaking re-imagined for today’s creator The Atomos Neon series is the beginning of a new journey for filmmakers by bringing together traditional filmmaking roles and pairing it with Atomos innovation and technology. We do this by combining RAW recording with cinema display technology for monitoring, on-screen production checking and review of creative intent, story flow and matching continuity between scenes. Neon streamlines the creative workflow from lens to viewing. We have adopted industry standard formats like ProRes RAW from major camera makers enabling the performance of ProRes and the flexibility of RAW into cinema productions and built for computer finishing. Neon performs real-time Dolby Vision processing to enable down-stream viewing on any Dolby Vision capable TV or monitor. The upshot is an on-set computer replacement merged with an ecosystem of field monitors that saves the creator time by allowing them to make more decisions in the moment of recording, playback, monitoring and editing. Certainty of image for the entire crew Neon is a series of precision on-set and in-studio 4K HDR monitor-recorder production workhorses where reliable and trustworthy monitoring is essential. The Neon comes in four sizes (17”, 24”, 31” and 55”) that can be synced together to provide an ecosystem of field monitors where accuracy of image representation and consistency of image is critical between crew members...all controlled by the Atomos App. The Neons’ best-in-class 512 zoned dynamic backlight displays provide a calibrated 4KDCI 180-degree perfect viewing, 10-bit DCI-P3 100% color coverage, and 1,000,000:1 HDR-ready contrast for cinematographers to maintain exposure and creative look. Directors can make more creative on-set decisions, viewing perfect images in TV and Cinema standards at all times. Camera assistants and focus pullers can trust the ultra-sharpness of an actor's eyes. Editors and color graders can lock down the director’s creative intent from shot to shot, frame by frame and review it across varying displays from SDR to HDR – accurately in real-time. With the built-in 4Kp60/HDp240 Apple ProRes RAW recorder capturing each take, Neon enables quick review and real-time playout with Dolby Vision to reality test content on domestic TVs. With Neon, Atomos has reimagined the role of the reference monitor to meet the HDR challenges of modern TV and film production. Precision HDR field monitor for the on-set digital darkroom Atomos brings dynamic zone backlight technology to the entire range of Neons powered by our proprietary Dynamic AtomHDR innovations. This yields a contrast ratio from one to a million gradations on discreet parts of the image on Neon’s daylight viewable anti-reflection display. With the Neon series, blacks and colors are rich and deep. Images appear to ‘pop’ with added dimensionality and detail. The precision Atomos display uses a unique combination of advanced LED and LCD technologies which together offer deeper, better blacks than rival OLED screens, but with the much higher brightness and vivid color performance of top-end LCDs. Objects appear more lifelike than ever, with complex textures and gradations beautifully revealed. In short, the Neons offer the most detailed window into your image, truly changing the way you create visually

PLN 13,629.02*
net: PLN 11,080.50
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smallHD OLED 27
smallHD OLED 27 smallHD OLED 27 is the brightest and largest 4K OLED reference monitor yet, offering the best combination of premium color-accuracy and lightweight, set-ready portability you’ll find in any workflow. OLED 27 delivers up to 550nits of brightness and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for previewing HDR on set, as well as 10-bit, true-to-life color accuracy with 110%DCI-P3 & 135% Rec. 709 color gamuts for precise grading in the suite. OLED 27 is Bolt 4K-compatible and comes with PageOS, the powerful software toolset designed for simplicity and speed up to 4K resolution with features including Waveform, Vectorscope, Color Pipe HDR color-rendering, Monitor Calibration Wizard, and more. If you demand OLED-quality image and color that’s equally at home on location or in post, then this is the monitoring solution for you.

PLN 64,039.95*
net: PLN 52,065.00
Free shipping
smallHD Cine 24 4K High-Bright Monitor
smallHD Cine 24 SKU: MON-CINE-24 smallHD Cine 24 brings 4K, daylight-viewable monitoring everywhere. Lightweight for faster setup and teardown, this monitor is the all-around solution as a director’s monitor or for production and broadcast video villages. Cine 24 is SmallHD’s ultimate production workhorse. The Cine 24” 4K High-Bright Monitor offers 1350 nits of sustained brightness, enabling clear viewing in bright daylight environments, which eliminates the need for a sun hood or viewing tent. The 24-inch screen, the largest in our Cine series, features a 3840x2160 resolution as well as 10-bit color depth and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut for color-accurate images. Cine 24 features four 12G SDI inputs and outputs as well as one HDMI 2.0 input. The Unibody Smart Chassis offers a Dovetail Mounting Rail for battery and accessory mounting, interchangeable mounting points, and 2x 2-pin accessory power outputs. Hot-swappable dual inputs allow you to add on Gold Mount or V-Mount battery plate attachments. Features Display: 24.1" 3840x2160Backlight Type: Edgelit LCDBrightness: 1350nits SDI: 4x 12G-SDI in, 4x 12G-SDI outHDMI: 1x HDMI In, 1x HDMI OutPower Input: 1x 3-pin XLR (12V-34V, 12A)

PLN 35,577.75*
net: PLN 28,925.00
Free shipping
smallHD 1303 HDR Production Monitor
smallHD 1303 HDR HDR Production Monitor SKU: MON-1303HDR Full HD 13-inch LCD Monitor with 1500 NITs Brightness Model: MON-1303HDRInput: 2x SDI, HDMIOutput: 2x SDI, HDMI Display: 13-inch, 1920x1080, 1500nits with HDR Preview Clarity that produces certainty The display size, resolution, and pixel density of the 1303 production monitor make it an invaluable tool for precision focus pulling. When you don't have the time or proper measurements, a razor-sharp, low latency display will help you hit your marks. Calibrated for collaboration Preview what you're sending downstream using the Output Preview Page, while utilizing software features like customizable focus assist and peaking on your 1303 monitor. If it's the only monitor near by, its color accuracy (100% REC 709) and broad viewing angle make it easy to share with clients and directors. Can you see me now? Good With a panel roughly 3x brighter than most production monitors, the 1303 is not restrained by ambient light. Its optically bonded LCD combats glare and sunlight, allowing you to pull focus in less than ideal shooting environments. Proper power options Power options for the 1303 monitor are simple and convenient. The 2-pin LEMO out allows for a seamless integration with accessories such as the Teradek Bolt wireless receiver. Smooth is fast Transitioning from table to C-Stand happens safely and securely with the 1303's VESA compatible mounting accessory. Boldly go The 1303 monitor is the perfect blend of functionality and portability. With a razor-sharp display and a rugged build quality, the 1303 will boldly go where no other production monitor has ever gone before.

PLN 21,346.65*
net: PLN 17,355.00

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SHAPE PUSH BUTTON VESA MONITOR MOUNT SKU: VSAPB The SHAPE VESA monitor support mounts to industry standard 5/8’’ baby pins or C-stands and supports monitors with a 100 x 100 or 75 x 75 VESA pattern. This sturdy mount features a Push-Button tilt angle adjustment and a friction locking knob to lock and secure the monitor at the desired angle. Made of CNC machined aluminum, the mount includes a ratchet knob to secure it on the 5/8’’ baby pin or C-stand and a safety pin to allow its removal from the C-stand. Features 100 x 100 & 75 x75mm VESA monitor support.Compatible with 13 to 24’’ Sony, SmallHD 4K, Atomos NEON & SUMO Pro Monitors and more.Push-Button Adjustment and Locking Knob.Mounts onto 5/8’’ Baby pin or C-stand.360° Rotation Pan adjustment on C-stand or 5/8’’ Baby pin.-30°/+90° Rotation Tilt adjustment

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Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor Mount (Baby Pin, C-Stand)
Wooden Camera Ultra QR Articulating Monitor MountSKU: A20003 The Ultra QR Monitor Mount (Baby Pin, C-Stand) is an articulating monitor mount for securely attaching production monitors up to 20kg to a C-Stand or 5/8” (15mm) Male Baby Pin. Integrated ARCA Swiss dovetail clamp allows for quick release (QR) of the monitor from the C-Stand. Installing the Ultra QR to a monitor can be done in two ways; utilizing the VESA Hole Standard (75mm or 100mm) or via the ARCA Swiss dovetail clamp with select SmallHD production monitors that utilize the ARCA Swiss Slide-On Rail. The Ball Clamp system allows for a wide range of articulation while retaining friction, allowing users to adjust the position of the monitor without loosening the handle. Variable positioning includes upwards and downwards tilt, side-to-side pan, and complete 360* rotation from landscape to portrait viewing mode. Featuring ARRI-Standard 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounting points located directly on the top of the monitor mount for attaching wireless receivers, secondary monitors, and more. Compatible with SmallHD 4K monitors and many more. 4x Mounting Screws (M4 x 10 mm)Weight: 562 gDimensions: 140 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm

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