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HPRC 2530 Hard Case HPRC2530_EMPBLB

HPRC 2530 Hard Case

All suitcases HPRC are watertight, resistant to dust, moisture, acids and sand. Withstand falls and impacts: a means of transport so as to unparalleled protection. The HPRC collection has been subjected to severe tests based on norms / national and international standards

The entire production line of suitcases HPRC is ISO9001 confirming a particular attention and interest in maintaining a product at the highest level. These tests and certifications guarantee and certify the quality of the product HPRC and its durability. They also give a guarantee to the user HPRC can buy case of high quality designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Available variants

2530 HPRC Hard Case with Empty Interior - HPRC2530_EMPBLB
2530 HPRC Hard Case with Cubed Foam Interior - HPRC2530_CUBBLB
2530 HPRC Hard Case with soft deck and dividers - HPRC2530_SFDBLB


internal dimension  513 mm x 288 mm x 132 mm
external dimension 540 mm x 350 mm x 135 mm
lid: 46 mm - bottom: 86 mm 


empty: 3,20 kg
with cubed foam: 3,26 kg

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Accessory Items

Porta Brace PB-2300F Hard Case
Porta Brace PB-2300F Safeguard Field Production Vault Hard Cases (models ending in ''F'' have a cubed-foam interior). Vault Hard Cases are watertight, have a pressure relief valve, easy to operate latches, and a comfortable hand grip. They are constructed with a high-performance hard-resin material reinforced at the corners. Vault Hard Cases are ideal for video, audio, and photographic equipment transportation and protection. Technical data Interior: 12" x 9.06" x 5.39" / 30.48 cm x 23.01 cm x 13.69 cmExterior: 13.19" x 11.42" x 6.1" / 33.50 cm x 29.01 cm x 15.49 cm

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net: PLN 502.85
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