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Hollyland Lark 150 Dual Kit

Hollyland Lark 150

The first wireless microphone system from Hollyland, Lark 150, features built-in high-sensibility omnidirectional microphone on the transmitter with anti-vibration sound chamber design, and DSP intelligent noise cancellation. Real-time audio monitoring is provided by an additional 3.5mm headphone jack. Approx. 90m transmission with 5 ms latency, and one of the world’s smallest and lightest transmitter (37x37x17.5 mm, 21 g!). The whole systems comes with a charging case that provides easy charging, auto-pairing (in less than 3 s), upgrade and storage. The system also features a two-way mute accessible on both TX and RX, and is delivered as a 2x TX & 1x RX combo for 2-person interviews, talk shows, commercial shooting, vlogging, etc.


With DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Intelligent Noise Cancellation, Anti-Vibration Sound Chamber Design, Ultra-Wide Frequency Response, Ultra-High SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio), Plus Built-In High-Sensibility Omnidirectional Microphone on TX, for High-Precision Sound Pickups and the System's Professional Sound Quality.


Different Installations and Wearing Methods Supported for Less Than 5ms Ultra-Low Latency and 100m Stable Wireless Audio Transmission, Ensured by the Power-On Smart Frequency Selection Feature and the 8,000 Times Per Second Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio Signals Transmitting Method.


World Smallest and Lightest Transmitter (37*37*17.5mm, 21g) Plus a Convenient and Portable Charging Case for Easy Charging, Auto-Pairing, Upgrade and Storage for the Whole Wireless Microphone System.


Stereophonic Microphone System with Three Audio Output Modes, Standard Mono Track, Stereo Track, and Safety Track.


Safety Track is Dual Channel Audio Designed for Post Audio Processing to Handle Microphone Popping. The Left Channel is Mixed Audio from Both TX While the Right Channel is the Same Mixed Audio -6dB.


Handsfree Fast Pairing Enabled Inside the Portable Charging Case, Hassle-Free and Easy-To-Use.


Easy and Complete Control of the Whole System with Microphones' Mute Accessible on Both TX and RX, 3.5mm TRS Audio Iutput Plus an Additional 3.5mm Headphone Jack for Audio Monitoring on RX.


The Versatile Combo Comprised of Two TX and One RX Standard Packing Plus a Lavalier Microphone, a TRS Cable, a 3.5mm User-Friendly Windshield, and a Storage Bag Works As the Most Ideal Microphone System for Vlogging, YouTubing, Interviews, On-Stage Talk Shows, Commercials, Live Streaming, and Other Types of Content Creation.

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SWIT WAVE500 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone
SWIT WAVE500 SWIT WAVE500 is a compact size 2.4G wireless microphone with dual channel Transmitters and 1 stereo Receiver, to simultaneously record two sound sources in livestreaming. The Receiver could be mounted to cameras by code shoe, output 3.5mm stereo audio of crystal clear broadcast quality to the camera to record with video. The wireless transmits up to 500ft range, zero latency and full synchronization.You can also connect the Receiver 3.5mm audio output to smart phones to make livestreaming. Please use IMF certificated 3.5mm to lightning adaptor, and use 4-section 3.5mm jack to the adaptor, and 3-section 3.5mm jack to the Receiver. The Transmitter The Transmitter has a built-in Mic on the top side, and could connect external Mic input. Support one-key mute and one-key low cut function, to filter out <180Hz background noise, like air conditioner or computer fans. The Receiver The Receiver has a 3.5mm audio output socket and a 3.5mm headphone monitoring socket on the top side; supports audio Gain adjustment for each channel, and Mono / Stereo switching. Display Screen on Both Tx and Rx The Transmitter screen displays channel (A or B), audio meter, mute status, low cut status, and battery status.The Receiver screen displays audio meters and gain value for both 2 transmitter channels, stereo or mono modes, and battery status. 8 hours Battery, 3-in-1 Charging Both the WAVE500 Tx and Rx have internal battery, could ensure 8 hours continued working. The package provides a 3-in-1 USB-C charging cable to charge 2x Tx and 1x Rx simultaneously. It takes 1 hours to charge to 80%, and 1.5 hours to fully charged.

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