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Genus Lens Adaptor Ring with Nuns Knickers GARD-NK

Genus Lens Adaptor Ring with Nuns Knickers


The GARD-NK Nun's Knickers Do-nut Adaptor Ring (so called as an industry tongue-in-cheek nick-name) from Genus is a do-nut ring fitted with a black-out fabric cover that wraps around the barrel of your lens to block out any light completely. The 105 mm plastic ring fits snugly into your matte box and the elasticated fabric cover wraps around the barrel of your lens. The flexibility of the fabric ensures that it can be used with lens diameters 72 mm upwards.

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Genus Lens Adaptor Ring Do-Nut GARD
Genus Lens Adaptor Ring Do-NutSKU: GARD Slotting snugly into the back clamp ring of a matte box, the Genus donut adaptor ring (GARD) is a step-down ring that bridges the space between the lens adaptor ring and the matte box. Made from high grade Delrin, the Genus donut adaptor ring features an angled inner lip that fits all lens adaptor rings from 52mm to 86mm. Diameter Inside 95 mmOutside 105 mm

PLN 301.04*
net: PLN 244.75
Genus Lens adaptor ring GAR
Genus Lens Adaptor Ring Lens adapter ring to use with GENUS matte boxes for 86 mm lenses Genus GAR8682 mm lenses Genus GAR8277 mm lenses Genus GAR7772 mm lenses Genus GAR7267 mm lenses Genus GAR6762 mm lenses Genus GAR6258 mm lenses Genus GAR5852 mm lenses Genus GAR5246 mm lenses Genus GAR4643 mm lenses Genus GAR4337 mm lenses Genus GAR37

PLN 246.31*
net: PLN 200.25
Vocas 114 mm Flexible cuff ring for MB-215 / MB-255 / MB-216 / MB-256
Vocas 114 mm Flexible cuff ring for MB-215 / MB-255 / MB-216 / MB-256 SKU: 0250-0190 Vocas 114mm Flexible Cuff ring kit (for MB-216 & MB-256 and use on bars only) Maximum lens diameter: 110mm

PLN 355.78*
net: PLN 289.25

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Wide Clip-On Matte Box SKU: GWMC The Genus Wide Matte Box is one of the best Matte Box you can find on the market. It includes a wide angle matte box with a 4 x 4" fixed filter tray, a 4 x 4" rotatable filter tray. The Wide Matte Box easily clips on or can be supported with our Camera Mounting System for greater sturdiness. This allows you to take off the Matte Box easily when switching lens. With 2 stages of filter trays, one wide (fixed) and one standard (360° rotatable for graduating filters), both filter trays accept 4x4” filters and are removable from the top as well as the bottom, which gives you easy access and withdrawal of the filters. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch the filters according to your camera configuration, especially for video cameras that have microphone above the lens. The front tray is designed slightly wider than standard in order to minimize the risks of clipping, especially when using a Canon 5D, 7D or Video Camcorder with a Wide Angle Attachment. The Matte Box also features a 360-degree rotating tray. With a friction adjustment, you have full control of the rotating speed. There are audible clicks on every 90-degree rotation, so you can judge of the position of the filter. There are a wide range of adaptor rings available to fit lenses from 58 mm to 86 mm.

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net: PLN 1,335.00
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