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Deity THEOS UHF - RA (Receiver Antenna - Uncut)


The UHF-RA can be cut to length to accommodate different frequency needs. Each antenna includes a chart so you know how long to cut the antenna to the corresponding frequency band.

  • Cut to length
  • Includes different colour-coded caps
  • Elbow joint for ergonomics and positioning
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Deity THEOS D2RX Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver
Deity THEOS D2RX The Deity D2RX sets itself apart by using an ultra-broad UHF spectrum. This receiver's frequencies range from 550-960 MHz. The D2RX allows for remote control functionality through the Sidus Audio app. The app allows you to run frequency scanning, coordination, change output modes, and more. This feature eliminates the need to physically handle the device, making it much more convenient when working with multiple units on set. You can pair up to 20 devices to a single phone. The D2RX comes with SMA antenna ports, which allows you to swap out antennas to fine-tune your frequency or replace them if they get damaged. It can also be connected to external antennas or an antenna distribution system. This feature makes transporting your gear more compact in its case, which is especially useful when working on location. In The Box 1x RX4x Antenna1x XLR-TRS Cable1x USB cable1x USB A-C converter2x Battery1x cold shoe adapter1x belt clip

PLN 1,855.52*
net: PLN 1,508.55
Deity THEOS Digital Wireless 2ch Kit (Global version)
Deity THEOS 2ch Kit The Deity Theos Digital Wireless Microphone System sets itself apart using a broad UHF spectrum instead of the congested 2.4 GHz band. This system’s frequencies range from 550-960 MHz. Using a wide band UHF spectrum is especially important for filmmakers working in various locations where multiple devices might compete for frequency space. In such situations, Deity Theos Digital Wireless ensures that you always have a clear frequency to work with, thus lowering the risk of interference. The transmitters feature a built-in recorder for backup files. The onboard recorder features both 24-bit and 32-bit float formats so you never have to worry about gain staging on your backup WAV files. Recordings are saved to a Micro SD card, up to 128Gb in size. And Theos’ most unique feature is that the transmitter can be natively synced wirelessly from the Deity TC-1 timecode generator. Timecode ensures your backup WAV files will sync with your master file in post-production. Alternatively, the DBTX can be synced via the 3.5mm jack if you are using 3rd party timecode generators. Features Ultra-Wideband; 550-960MhzOn-Board 32-Bit Float Audio RecordersBuilt-In TCXO for Accurate Timecode, with Wireless Timecode Syncing CapabilityDual-Channel Compact Receiver; Up to 10Hrs of Battery LifeCNC Aluminum ChassisRemovable SMA AntennasDigital UHF Signal; Crystal Clear Audio Quality In the box 1x D2RX12x Antenna2x RX-Link XLR CablesCold-Shoe Mount3x Belt Clips2x DBTX2x LavalierUSB-C Data CableCarrying Case6x AA Batteries

PLN 5,582.97*
net: PLN 4,539.00

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Deity THEOS UHF - TA (Transmitter Antenna - Uncut)
Deity THEOS UHF-TA The UHF-TA can be cut to length to accommodate different frequency needs. Each antenna includes a chart so you know how long to cut the antenna to the corresponding frequency band. Cut to lengthIncludes different colour-coded caps

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net: PLN 97.90
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