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Dedolight Portable Studio 5-Light Kit SPS5

Dedo Weigert SPS5 Portable Studio

This Dedolight Portable Studio 5-Light Kit provides tremendous opportunities in an ultra compact package, even for the smallest mobile team. Perfect light distribution in all focus positions. The set includes three standard lamps and two Softlight luminaire heads. Tripods and accessories are also in this all-in-One set received.

Comparable traditional studio lights have a focusing range of about 3:1. Dedolight provides up to 25:1 - so much greater variation between flood and spot, more power - more precise control. It also allows the use of the lights from a distance. You can keep out of the picture it easier - especially the actors can move freely without any noticeable change in light intensity.

Perfectly even light distribution without hot spots or bright rings in all Fokus possitions. Defined beam of light without parasitic stray light. In order to soften the edges, there are over 20 different diffusion films. However, there are no filter/foil to make a dirty beam precisely.

DLH1x150S Soft Light Lights

The DLHx150S Soft Light lamps are very light and between two color temperatures (3200 & 3400 K) switchable. The light is dimmed and suitable for 16 mm pin shots.
The Softlights show for little watt light and offer twice the light output compared to a softbox to a traditional studio lighting. Furthermore, they offer a nice even light distribution without hotspots.

HTP150S high temperature packaging

The material is made from Supersil, which is also used for space technology. It can withstand temperatures up to 2000 ° F (1100 ° C).

DT24-1 power supply/dimmer

The DT24-1-line transformer provides 24V at 150W. When Dedolight means about 80% more light compared to the currently available 100W 12V line transformer. The electronic line transformer is dimmable with color temperature levels of 3200 or 3400 Kelvin.

DLHM4-300 light head

The head lamp dimmer DLHM4-300 works with an integrated 150W electronic transformer. The light dimmer is extremely versatile and easy to use.

DSBSXS Minisoftbox

The DSBSXS Dedoflex Minisoftbox is white and has a size of 30 cm × 30cm.

DSBSS Silverdome small

The DSBSS Dedoflex Silverdome softbox is silver and has a size of 41 cm × 56 cm.

The set includes

2 x DLH1x150S Softlight luminaires
2 x HTP150S high temperature packaging
2 x DT24-1 power supply / dimmer 150 W/24V
1 x DSBSXS Minisoftbox
1 x DLGRIDXS mini grid
1 x Small DSBSS Silverdome
1 x Small DLGRIDS Grid
3 x DLHM4-300 light heads with built-in Transformer & Dimmer
3 x DPLS sun protection rings
3 x DBD8 8-leaf gates
3 x DFH filter foil holder
1 x DGW a warm tone filter slides
1 x DGMB filter slides blue mixed
1 x DGMD filter slides mixed diffusion
1 x DGCOL filter slides color effect
1 x DSCK Scrim Set
1 x DSCP Scrim bag
1 x DP1 Projection attachment
1 x DPGH Gobo holder
1 x DPGSET Gobo set
1 x CLAMP1 Dedolight-holder clamp
1 x DSTFX a flexible stand extension
5 x DST Dedolight Tripods
2 x DLBOX Accessories-Boxes
4 x DL150C 150 W/24 V halogen lamps clear
6 x Dedolight DL150-150 W/24 V halogen lamps blackened
1 x DSC2 Soft case

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