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Datavideo DVK-400 4K Real-time chromakeyer

Datavideo DVK-400

Datavideo DVK-400 s an advanced 4K chromakey device which is easy to operate and delivers excellent results. The device can be controlled locally using a directly attached laptop or remotely over an IP network. Fitting into HDMI and SDI-based live environments, the DVK-400 supports up to UHD resolutions with easy spill suppression, colour enhancement


4K Real-time chromakeyer with 4:4:4 10-bit internal process
Easy operation and control via LAN connection to laptop
Advanced algorithm can present transparency, smoke, reflection and shadow in detail
Easy spill suppression with colour enhancement
Full Foreground post processing for getting nature composite result with Background
Multiple HDMI and SDI outputs for Program and Preview with mirror option
Store / Recall : 3 sets of instant switchable parameters (by Control s/w)
Key noise reduction
Matte control to adjust black and white level for a precise chroma key setting to delete the reflective colour from foreground
Dark/Bright/Shadow enhancement
Post processing – correction of picture parameters (brightness, contrast, saturation) applied on foreground signal after keying processing
Garbage Mask with soft edge
Auto Chroma Key function
Mirror PGM output

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