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Core SWX NANO-F NP-F970 L-Series Battery Pack

Core SWX 45Wh L-Series Style Battery


The NANO-F battery pack is a is 45Wh battery in a compact form factor. It is compatible with most cameras, monitor, lights and other devices which utilize the L-series battery standard. Featuring a robust 4-cell design, the NANO-F is 1/2” slimmer than most comparable 45wh L-series battery pack and can handle up to a 7A load, powering even the most demanding equipment. A 4-stage LED gauge allows you to know how much charge capacity is left in the pack by pressing the button. It can be charged on most L-series style chargers.


  • Compact 7.2v  6300mah Sony L-Series Battery
  • Lithium-ion battery chemistry
  • L-series form factor
  • Slimmer than competition yet delivers high current output(7A)
  • 4-state LED gauge
  • Available in a 2-pack
  • Capacity: 45wh(7.2v, 6300mAh)
  • Operational Voltage: 6v-8.4v
  • Size: 7,06 cm x 3,86 cm x 4,39 cm
  • Weight: approx. 0,23 kg
  • Max Draw: 7A

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PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack
PATONA PREMIUM NP-F990 L Serie Battery Pack This high-quality NP-F990 battery from PATONA Premium serie was developed to meet the needs of demanding customers. The newly created PATONA Premium series is  desinged for professional photographer segment and specialist photo shops etc. Thanks to the particularly long battery life, this premium battery is also intended for any other type of professional use. High capacity 10400mAh / 7.2V / 74,9Wh Compatible part number NP-530, NP-730, NP-930, NP-F330, NP-F730, NP-F930, NP-F550, NP-F750, NP-F950, NP-F960, NP-F970, NP-F990 Compatible model number Sony CCD-TR1, CCD-TR200, CCD-TR215, CCD-TR3, CCD-TR300, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TR416, CCD-TR500, CCD-TR516, CCD-TR517, CCD-TR57, CCD-TR555, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR716, CCD-TR76, CCD-TR818, CCD-TR87, CCD-TR845E, CCD-TR910, CCD-TR917, CCD-TR930, CCD-TR940, CCD-TRT97, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV119, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV16, CCD-TRV215, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TRV3000, CCD-TRV315, CCD-TRV35, CCD-TRV36, CCD-TRV37, CCD-TRV4, CCD-TRV41, CCD-TRV43, CCD-TRV46, CCD-TRV51, CCD-TRV517, CCD-TRV57, CCD-TRV58, CCD-TRV615, CCD-TRV62, CCD-TRV65, CCD-TRV66, CCD-TRV67, CCD-TRV68, CCD-TRV715, CCD-TRV716, CCD-TRV72, CCD-TRV720, CCD-TRV75, CCD-TRV78E, CCD-TRV81, DCR-TRV820E, CCD-TRV815, CCD-TRV82, CCD-TRV85, CCD-TRV87, CCD-TRV88, CCD-TRV90, CCD-TRV91, CCD-TRV93, CCD-TRV95, CCD-TRV98, CCD-TRV99, CCD-SC5, CCD-SC55, CCD-SC65, DCR-TR8000/E, DCR-TR8100/E, DCR-TR7000/E, DCR-TR7100/E, DCR-TR700/E, DCR-TRV103/E, DCR-TRV110/E, DCR-TRV120/E, DCR-TRV130/E, DCR-TRV210/E, DCR-TRV310/E, DCR-TR8000E, DCR-TRV315/E, DCR-TRV320/E, DCR-TRV5/E, DCR-TRV510/E, DCR-TRV620/E, DCR-TRV520/E, DCR-TRV525/E, DCR-TRV7/E, DCR-TRV720/E, DCR-TRV820/E, DCR-TRV5/E, DCR-TRV9/E, DCR-TRV900/E, DCR-TV900/E, DCR-VX2000/E, DCR-VX2100/E, DCR-VX700/E, DCR-VX9000, DCR-VX9/E, DSC-CD100, DSC-CD250, DSC-CD400, DSC-D700, DSC-D770, DSR-200, DSR-250, DSR-300, DSR-PD100A, DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, GV-A500, GV-A500E, GV-D200, GV-D800, MVC-FD5, MVC-FD7, MVC-FD51, MVC-FD71, MVC-FD73, MVC-FD75, MVC-FD81, MVC-FD83, MVC-FD85, MVC-FD87, MVC-FD88, MVC-FD90, MVC-FD91, MVC-FD91AOL, MVC-FD92, MVC-FD95, MVC-FD97, MVC-FD100, MVC-FD200, HDR-FX1, HDR-FX7, HDV-Z1, HDV-FX1, VCL-ES06A, PLM-100

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net: PLN 178.00
HedBox RP-NPF1000 NP-F Style Battery Pack
HedBox RP-NPF1000 Small and lightweight Ultra High-Capacity Info-Lithium Battery Pack (Astonishing 10400mAh) designed to Power any Electronic Device that accepting the NP-F style Battery. With High Performances and professional quality this battery pack is designed for Professional use in studio and field. With to a high power Capacity of 10400mAh / 77Wh obtained from these batteries, HD Video Camcorders and other units, can be powered by more than 10 Hours at Full Load. Latest Li-Ion battery cells 18650 that are used in this battery pack, provide no Memory Effect, High Efficiency, Compact and Lightweight. With data communication chip that is build in, the remind power from the battery is exact displayed on the Camcorder LCD monitor Battery Pack RP-NPF1000 can be Charged at any NP-F style Battery Charger that can Charge 7.4V Battery Pack with NP-F bracket/holder, but for Maximum Charging and Full Compatibility usage of RP-DC520 Dual Battery Charger and RP-CFM50 Battery Charger Plate is recommended. This HedBox RP-NPF1000 Battery Pack provides the Advantages of Lithium-Ion, meaning it can be charged or discharged at anytime without developing Memory Effect. This means the Battery never loses its ability to hold a Full Charge. Battery Packs are fully in compliance with European Union RoHS regulations ( Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) and are 100% free of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury, where RedPro products take part in active protecting of the environment and preserving the highest standards of environmental protection. What is included 1 x RP-NPF1000 Battery Pack1 x User Manual

PLN 383.15*
net: PLN 311.50
Blueshape NPF 970 Battery Pack 72Wh
Blueshape NPF 970 SKU: BMNPF970 Blueshape NPF970 battery compatible with Sony 7,2V 10050mAh , Sony NP-F970 and equiv.alent, 72Wh - 1USB output, 1 Micro USB charger input with LEDs. Features Charge Indicator (4-Step LED) 1 x USB (Type A) 1 x Micro USB Charge In (Micro-B) Technical Data Nominal Voltage 7,2V Charge Capacity 10050mAh Energy Capacity 72Wh Size: 38,2 mm x 70,8 mm x 74 mm Weight 330g

PLN 574.72*
net: PLN 467.25
PATONA PREMIUM NP-F970 L Serie Battery Pack
PATONA PREMIUM NP-F970 L Serie Battery Pack High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery7800mAh / 7.2V / 56,2WhType: Li-Ion Compatible part number NP-F970 NP-F960 NP-F950 Compatible model number Sony CCD-SC5, CCD-SC65 Sony CCD_TRCCD-TR1, CCD-TR3, CCD-TR8E, CCD-TR57, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR76, CCD-TR87, CCD-TR200, CCD-TR215, CCD-TR300, CCD-TR416, CCD-TR500, CCD-TR516, CCD-TR517, CCD-TR555, CCD-TR716, CCD-TR818, CCD-TR845E, CCD-TR910, CCD-TR917, CCD-TR930, CCD-TR940, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TR3300, DCR-TR8000E, CCD-TRT97 Sony CCD_TRVCCD-TRV4, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TRV16, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TRV35, CCD-TRV36, CCD-TRV37, CCD-TRV41, CCD-TRV43, CCD-TRV46, CCD-TRV51, CCD-TRV57, CCD-TRV58, CCD-TRV62, CCD-TRV65, CCD-TRV66, CCD-TRV67, CCD-TRV68, CCD-TRV72, CCD-TRV75, CCD-TRV78E, CCD-TRV81, CCD-TRV82, CCD-TRV85, CCD-TRV87, CCD-TRV88, CCD-TRV90, CCD-TRV91, CCD-TRV93, CCD-TRV95, CCD-TRV98, CCD-TRV99, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TRV119,CCD-TRV215, CCD-TRV315, CCD-TRV517, CCD-TRV615, CCD-TRV715, CCD-TRV716, CCD-TRV720, CCD-TRV815, CCD-TRV3000 Sony DCR-DCR-TR7000, DCR-TRV5, DCR-TRV7, DCR-TRV9, DCR-TRV103, DCR-TRV110, DCR-TRV120, DCR-TRV130, DCR-TRV210, DCR-TRV310, DCR-TRV315, DCR-TRV320, DCR-TRV510, DCR-TRV520, DCR-TRV525, DCR-TRV720, DCR-TRV820, DCR-TRV900, DCR-TV900, DCR-TV900E, DCR-VX2000, DCR-VX2100, DCR-VX2100E, DCR-VX9 Serie, DCR-VX9000 Sony DCS-DSC-CD100, DSC-CD250, DSC-CD400, DSC-D700, DSC-D770 Sony DSR-200, DSR-250, DSR-300, DSR-PD100A, DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170 Sony GV-A500, GV-A500E, GV-D200, GV-D800 Sony HDR-FX1, HDV FX1, HDV Z1 Sony MVC-MVC-FD5, MVC-FD7, MVC-FD51, MVC-FD71, MVC-FD73, MVC-FD75, MVC-FD81, MVC-FD83, MVC-FD85, MVC-FD87, MVC-FD88, MVC-FD90, MVC-FD91, MVC-FD91AOL, MVC-FD92, MVC-FD95, MVC-FD97, MVC-FD100, MVC-FD200

PLN 165.30*
net: PLN 134.39

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PATONA Dual LCD USB NP-F Charger Thanks to PATONA Dual LCD USB Charger for Sony NP-FM50 two batteries can be charged fast and simultaneously. It does not make a difference whether batteries have the same capacity or not. In addition, the charger is equiped with USB output and can be used to charge third-party devices pararrelly. The integrated charging technology automatically detects required voltage of the inserted battery and prevents from overcharging or overheating.The charger has 2 charging modes, "L" for normal battery-saving charging and "H" for fast charging. Additional information such as charge status, active USB port, car adapter usage and charging method is shown on the LCD display. Technical specifications Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz1500mA (max)DC 12-24V 3000mA (min)Output: DC 8,4V / 12,6V / 16,8V"L" 1000mA x1 , 500mA x2"H" 1500mA x1, 800mA x2USB Output: DC 5V 2100mA

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