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Chrosziel AL2/MagNum motor cable 60cm (MOTD60)

Chrosziel AL2/MagNum motor cable 60cm 60cm


Motor cable ALADIN MKII / MagNum length 60cm for digital motors (Heden M26VE, BTM, Scorpio SB92, Preston DM2)

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Chrosziel MagNum Mini Kit (MN-MINIKIT-0)
Chrosziel MagNum Mini Kit SKU: MN-MINIKIT-0 MagNum Mini KIT without motor, Single Channel, Lens Control for Focus, 2.4 GHz, Camera RUN start/stop, Spectrum analyzer, includes MN-MINI-R Receiver/Motor Controller with antenna (FANT-G)MN-100T Transmitter (hand unit) w. hand strap and neck strap (STR2)MOTD60-S MagNum Mini Motor Cable 60cmMN-RMB1 mounting bracket f. receiverMN-BAT Battery type FM50, MN-CH ChargerMN-AB Power cable D-TapMN-CASE hard case

PLN 21,237.18*
net: PLN 17,266.00

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Chrosziel MagNum Power 12V AB D-Tap SKU: MN-AB Power Cable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap - MagNum Lemo 0B 5pin (also compatible with Aladin MRKII / AL2-INTF)

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